Boilers - ACV Triangle Tube HeatMaster TC

The HeatMaster TC combination boiler from ACV Triangle Tube condenses during both hot water and space heating modes, resulting in efficiencies of over 95 percent AFUE. It is capable of achieving such high efficiency due to its design, which can satisfy space heating and hot-water demands simultaneously. The upper circuit is kept at a consistently high temperature while the lower circuit maintains a lower temperature, which allows the flue gases to condense in both hot-water and space heating modes. With the upper circuit maintained at high temperature, it is always ready to supply hot water on demand. Cold water enters at the base and is preheated before entering the hot water tank. It is available in 240 and 399 mBh sizes. Utilizing the user-friendly ACVMax control system, the unit has 60-second EZ setup, and multiple circulator and zone control functions. 856/228-8881;


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