Plumbers Make Time for Business and Family

Plumbers Make Time for Business and Family
Campbell Plumbing & Drain President Ray Haymer flanked by Vice President Scott Haymer (left) and master plumber Vince Lamitie. Photography by Amy Voigt

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Being a business owner is certainly rewarding, and Scott Haymer of Campbell Plumbing & Drain of Eastlake, Ohio, says that he very much enjoys the flexibility he is afforded as an owner/operator in the family business, although he wears many caps and bears a lot of responsibility.

“There is that independence, and it is hard to explain, but as we keep our operation small and manageable, we can attend to more of our family issues and activities, even though we remain on call as we provide services 24/7,” Haymer says.

The company was founded by Scott’s father, Ray Haymer, in 1969. Scott joined in 1996. Together with technician Vince Lamitie, the three-man team runs the “boutique” operation, focusing services on just a 20-mile radius around their home base.

The trio adheres to a mom-and-pop philosophy, keeping the company small while they stay on top of the latest technology and focus on providing the best service possible. They have set high standards and diligently strive to meet the requirements and expectations that go along with ownership. 

The crew’s two most demanding days are Monday and Friday. Monday they deal with calls that came in over the weekend that didn’t require emergency service, and Friday they are wrapping up the week, typically working late in anticipation of the weekend. With just two plumbers working together, they handle five to seven jobs each day of the week.

“What we do, we do very well,” he says. “Most important to me is that we have our equipment in good operating order, and our inventory at hand. Then we can be ready to take care of our customers in the manner that has helped build and maintain our reputation in the communities we serve.”


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