Spotlight: Customized Hackney body available on Ford Transit chassis

Spotlight: Customized Hackney body available on Ford Transit chassis

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The Ford Transit Performer truck body from VT Hackney is available in 12- and 12 1/2-foot models for 9,950 and 10,360 GVW chassis. The all-aluminum body maximizes service life and comes equipped with shelving specifically designed for the plumbing industry. 

“It can be, if taken care of properly, a 20-year body, if not longer,” says Richard Ball, director of marketing and business development for VT Hackney. 

The Performer line of body options is also available on Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi, Dodge Sprinter and Chevrolet Cutaway chassis, and is further expanded with the Ford Transit. 

“The benefit of the Ford is the price point,” Ball says. “The body price really doesn’t change, but for a plumber who’s investing in this type of truck, the chassis could change the entry price significantly.” 

The body’s smooth, rivetless sides can also serve as a traveling billboard. 

“There’s no better advertising than seeing your graphics on the side of the truck,” Ball says. “That’s the sales and marketing aspect, but as far as a work truck, you can walk in and stay out of the climate.” 

The Performer body offers 75 inches of headroom and comes with full-width swing-out rear doors (79 inches tall by 73 inches wide), P2000 plumbing shelving package and optional 9-foot 6-inch by 24 1/2-inch pull-out ramp. The adjustable aluminum shelving can be respaced, removed or moved to another section of the body to maximize storage and efficiency. Options include pull-out plastic trays with dividers and snap-on label holders to organize inventory. 

“On a typical 12 1/2-foot truck, you can have as many as 48 small trays or 30 tall trays on one side,” Ball says. “You have plenty of room for inventory. Generally, a lot of our customers won’t even use all the bins. They’ll take some bins out and use the shelving to put tools on.”

Trays are 17 1/2 inches wide by 22 inches long and either 3 1/2 or 6 inches deep. Dividers organize the trays into nine bin sections. The truck body can also be configured with 28 inches of open space for carrying a water heater, drain cleaner or added storage. 

“You’re essentially getting a turnkey work truck with an interior that is customized to your job,” Ball says. “There’s flexibility. If you carry a water heater, some might want it in the front, while others might want it in the back. We can move the shelving to accommodate that.” 252/946-6521;


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