GROHE Pot Fillers Eliminate Need to Reach Over Hot Burners

SilkMove solid stainless steel cold-water pot fillers from GROHE eliminate the need to reach over hot burners. Designed to complement a variety of kitchen décor in residential applications, the pot filler’s dual-pivot joint extends 20 1/16 inches for use over front or rear burners, then folds neatly out of the way.

Two quarter-turn level handles, one at the source and one at the outlet, provide safety and convenience.

Primarily used in commercial kitchens, GROHE introduced the pot filler to the residential market in the early 2000s. “It can be added as a remodel or as new construction in existing homes,” says Ken Samson, product training manager, GROHE America.

The pot filler features a maximum flow rate of 1.75 gpm; 1/2-inch, 90-degree cartridge; single-hole, wall-mount installation; and swivel spout.

“GROHE offers two wall-mount pot fillers with single-hole installation and spout shut-off valves,” he says.

The pot filler requires a 1/2-inch cold-water feed and mounts to the wall using a flange and four screws.

“If installing on plaster walls, appropriate reinforcement must be in place to ensure sufficient strength,” Samson says.

The pot filler requires little maintenance beyond cleaning, greasing and replacing parts as needed.

“If the pot filler is left unattended, ensure both ceramic cartridges are in the closed position,” he says. 800/444-7643;


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