Product Focus: Hydronic Heating Systems – Pipe, Pumps & Tubing

Product Focus: Hydronic Heating Systems – Pipe, Pumps & Tubing
The Poly-Flo co-extruded double-containment piping system from Asahi/America.

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Asahi/America Poly-Flo
The Poly-Flo co-extruded double-containment piping system from Asahi/America is available in black PE and euro gray PP-R. It is ideal for installations with space constraints and systems where thermal expansion and contraction are present. The system includes full pressure, drainage and machined fittings. This SDR-designed system is available in 1- by 1 1/2-, 2- by 3- and 4- by 6-inch sizes, and operates up to 150 psi at 68 degrees F. Black PE is suited for outside, above-ground applications because of its UV resistance, and it performs well in underground installations because of its resistance to crack propagation. Euro gray PP-R is ideal for applications running at higher temperatures due to its high pressure rating. The system is available with manual and low-point leak detection sensors. 800/343-3618;

Uponor PEX
Using Uponor PEX pipe and ProPEX expansion fittings for hydronic heating and chilled water piping applications is a durable, cost-effective solution for transporting water or glycol/water solutions to all types of terminal units, including fan coil units, VAVs, AHUs, unit heaters and radiant manifolds. And for suspended-piping applications, a PEX-a Pipe Support steel channel enables hanger spacing similar to copper or steel pipe. The suspended piping assembly with PEX-a Pipe Support, PEX pipe and ProPEX fittings is listed to ASTM E84 for use in plenum applications with or without the need for insulation and separation requirements, making it a cost-effective and specifiable solution for hydronic heating and chilled water piping applications. 800/321-4739;



Crane Pumps & Systems Weinman 375
The Weinman 375 End Suction Series from Crane Pumps & Systems is designed to minimize capital, maintenance and operating expenses in commercial, HVAC, hot-water systems and industrial applications. They provide a broad range of sizes that offer the high efficiency of a tangential discharge pump and the serviceability of a back pullout design, allowing for routine maintenance to be performed without disturbing the existing piping. They are self-venting to simplify startup, are NSF certified and have a standard two-week lead-time. They are a drop-in replacement for 50 percent of the industry’s installed base, eliminating the need to modify piping on site. 937/778-8947;

Franklin Electric VR Series
VR Series vertical, stainless steel multistage pumps from Franklin Electric deliver clean water under pressure for a wide range of applications, with a flow range up to 600 gpm and 750 feet TDH. They have 316 stainless steel hydraulic components for durability, efficiency and performance. Impellers and diffuser stages are fabricated from heavy-gauge stainless steel. The oversized ball bearing/coupler assembly eliminates the need for stack height adjustment and supports the axial thrust load. The elimination of axial thrust allows the pumps to use industry-standard motors instead of high-thrust motors. Installation is made easier with standard in-line ports, along with the choice of round, Victaulic or oval flange connections. 800/701-7894;

Grundfos Pumps LCSE
LCSE split-coupled end suction pumps with integrated motor, drive and control from Grundfos Pumps come with MLE variable-speed motors in ranges from 3 to 30 hp in 3,500 rpm and 3 to 25 hp in 1,800 rpm. Available in 21 different models, the fully integrated, intelligent pumping system offers energy savings of up to 50 percent. The energy-optimized system consists of a controller, variable-frequency drive and standard asynchronous motor all in one. Its footprint is 35 percent smaller than that of a frame-mounted design, and its plug-and-pump design results in quick and easy installation. GO technology allows building managers to remotely control and monitor the pump from a smartphone or tablet. 800/921-7867;



Ward Mfg. Co. WARDFlex CSST
The yellow-coated WARDFlex line of CSST products from Ward Mfg. Co. offers flexibility for faster, easy installation. Black-coated WARDFlex II offers a premium coating and is a flexible black CSST product in the premium category. Not only is installation fast and easy, but both black- and yellow-coated products use the same dual-seal fittings, resulting in a cost-saving reduction in inventory. 800/248-1027;


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