John Guest push-fit black shut-off valve includes hot and cold color-coding

The black shut-off valve from John Guest, available in 1/2- and 3/4-inch copper tube sizes (CTS), are designed for hot and cold plumbing applications, including water softeners. Features include an indicator arrow displaying the off position and two interchangeable red and blue buttons for color-coding hot and cold waterlines. The valve also features a quarter-turn long handle to prevent unwanted movement and allow for easy installation and repair.

“The valves have been designed to allow temporary servicing of downstream equipment,” says Maribel Pagan, marketing communications manager for John Guest. “They can be used in whole-house water conditioning and purification systems and household plumbing applications where a shut-off valve is required.”

Made from high-quality, engineered plastic, the black valve is UV stabilized for outdoor use and complies with the latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC).

The shut-off valve, like all John Guest push-fit fittings, eliminates the need for tools or sealants.

“You simply take your pipe in one hand and the valve in the other hand and push it into the tube stop,” Pagan says. “Once it’s pushed to the tube stop — that’s it.”

A twist-and-lock cap adds extra security. Stainless steel teeth grip the pipe while an EPDM O-ring provides a leak-proof seal.

The fitting is reusable and can be removed by unlocking the cap, pressing on the Collet (gripper) and removing the pipe. The shut-off valve can be used with copper, PEX and CPVC pipe. Working pressures and temperatures include 160 psi at 73 degrees F, 100 psi at 180 degrees F or 80 psi at 200 degrees F.

“When installing the fitting, the plumber needs to make sure the system is depressurized, the pipe is cut square and all burrs and sharp edges are removed. Install the fitting, test it and pressurize the system,” Pagan says. “There’s no waiting for glue or sealant. It’s a very neat and clean installation.” 973/808-5600;


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