Klein Tools hole-making products designed for quicker, cleaner cuts

The expanded line of hole-making products from Klein Tools includes bimetal hole saws, double-fluted step drill bits and wood-boring bits. Made from heavy-duty steel for greater durability, the tools are designed to cut holes quicker, cleaner and easier.

The bimetal hole saws are optimized for cutting steel, including stainless steel. Multiple slots provide leverage points for removing material. Saw diameters range from 7/8 to 6 3/8 inches. An eight-piece kit includes 7/8-, 1 1/8-, 1 3/8-, 1 3/4-, 2- and 2 1/2-inch saws and case.

“The tooth pattern we use in our hole saws has a much deeper kerf pattern — the tooth and the swoosh of the tooth,” says Dave Mueller, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “The points of the teeth are raised, creating a deeper well between each tooth. If you have wood that has a heavy grain, very sappy, you’re cutting through sawdust — it gets gummy and starts clogging up the saw. With a flatter tooth profile, you might start seeing smoke coming out of the hole or charring because you have pure friction; the teeth aren’t doing any of the work because of buildup around the teeth.”

The double-fluted step drill bits, like the pilot drill in the hole saw, share a non-walking design for greater precision. The step drills are available in five models that can drill from two to 13 holes. The two-hole design drills holes from 7/8 through 1 1/8 inches. The three-hole bit drills 7/8-, 1 1/8- and 1 3/8-inch holes. The nine-hole design drills holes from 1/4 through 3/4 inches in 1/16-inch increments. The 12-hole model drills holes from 3/16 through 7/8 inches in 1/16-inch increments, and the 13-hole model drills holes from 1/8 through 1/2 inches in 1/32-inch increments.

“A single flute will cut a little slower but it will cut the hole perfectly clean. There won’t be any tiny burr,” Mueller says. “A double-flute bit, since the two flutes are cutting halfway around the circle, when one is done cutting the other is starting to cut farther. While you might have a little burr there, you definitely are cutting faster. And most of the plumbing contractors we speak with say speed trumps cleanliness. The small burr is usually covered up by a flange. Speed is the most demanded feature and the two flutes deliver better than one.”

The bits also feature an extra-long, 3/8-inch hex shank for a firm, positive grip that won’t spin out. 800/553-4876; www.kleintools.com.


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