How to Sell Your Customer on Why Jetting Will Clear Their Drainline Clogs

Cables don't always remove all the sludge buildup in drainlines

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How to Sell Your Customer on Why Jetting Will Clear Their Drainline Clogs

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For years, plumbers have used cable machines to unclog pipes. With the new jetter technology used to clean drainlines and sewers with high-pressure hot water, drain and sewer systems will be cleaner and stay cleaner longer compared with using cabling equipment. Waterjetting is a very cost-effective and fast way to clean customer’s pipes back to new condition and the results are astounding. 

Cable equipment is very effective at restoring flow; however, cabling leaves tons of uncleaned surfaces on the sidewalls of your sewer lines. These uncleaned surfaces lead to premature line buildup and blockages. 

High-pressure, hot-water jetting removes all buildup and debris from your sewer lines, leaving them spotlessly clean. Combining your hot-water jetting services with the 3n1 Total-C drain additive guarantees that customer sewer lines will be odor free and free flowing after cleaning (given that the obstruction was a normal grease clog).

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