Product Spotlight - November 2021

Product Spotlight - November 2021

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Sewage odors not only offend your nose, making being in your laundry room difficult, but they can also threaten your health. While those malodors can have many different causes, the most likely one is the direct result of a dry trap. Those usually occur due to the high velocity of the water being discharged from the washing machine into the standpipe. The STANDPIPE SEAL from JK Plastics can be the simple solution to those sewer smell problems.

STANDPIPE SEAL is a specially designed standpipe adapter that seals off the laundry standpipe in order to prevent dangerous, harmful and foul-smelling sewer gases from entering into the home while still allowing the necessary airflow into the plumbing system. According to JK Plastics President Jim Williams, that makes it unique.

“While there are other types of seals on the market, this not only seals the washing machine’s standpipe but actually opens and closes,” he says. “This not only allows the standpipe to be completely sealed and airtight, preventing dangerous sewer gases from entering into the dwelling, but will also open to allow the necessary airflow into the plumbing system during the draining process.”

As a former home builder, Williams regularly dealt with sewer odors created by dry traps. After years of analyzing the problem he discovered the root cause, but still could not find any product on the market to address it. Finally in 2014, out of necessity and frustration, Williams purchased several types of PVC fittings and various size pipes and made a prototype. “I used my homemade prototype for one full year in my own home as a test to confirm that my analysis of the problem was correct and that my solution actually did work,” he says.

The STANDPIPE SEAL is easy to install and designed to fit inside any standard 2-inch PVC standpipe, fitting inside most washing machine outlet boxes with little to no adjusting. The open-and-close action is accomplished using an air admittance valve (AAV) to seal the standpipe, preventing sewer gases from entering into the dwelling and then opening, only when necessary, to allow air into the plumbing system. The rubber gasket is used to seal around the washing machine’s discharge hose to create an airtight seal. It can be used in new construction or as a retrofit.

“The feedback from clients has been awesome,” says Williams. “To finally find a solution that not only works but is also easy to install has been a relief and very satisfying for many customers.”


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