Case Study: Rotary impingement device quickly dislodges grease

Case Study: Rotary impingement device quickly dislodges grease
Technicians lower a Gamajet EZ-8 rotary impingement device into a wet well to break up a grease pad.

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Problem: Ryland Holmes of Virginia Public Works Equipment, a municipal, high-tech and heavy-equipment-needs company, was looking for a better way to clean lift stations. Their customers were struggling with grease problems and needed an effective way to resolve the issues without demanding more of their manpower or budget.

Solution: Gamajet, part of the Alfa Laval Group, provided the company with an EZ-8 rotary impingement device configured for 80 gpm and 300 psi. Members of the City of Virginia Beach Department of Utilities and other local municipalities and sewer authorities watched as the device, which was used with the department’s jetter truck, scoured the wet well clean in 12 minutes. Another half cycle was run to further decimate the grease pad, which could then be suctioned into a combination truck or washed downstream.

Result: The lift stations were free of grease without laborers entering them, eliminating hazardous, time-consuming confined-space entry riggings. 877/426-2538;


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