Advanced Treatment Units - Bio-Microbics MicroFAST

MicroFAST wastewater treatment systems or MicroFITT-ee (energy-efficient version) systems from Bio-Microbics are integrated into a standard septic tank. With the SFR feature, alternate modes of operation include intermittent operation of the blower to reduce electricity usage up to 45 percent and recirculation of nitrified wastewater to the primary settling chamber for extra denitrification. Its biosolids treatment and sludge digestion enable cost-effective treatment with less maintenance. Available from 500 to more than 9,000 gpd applications, technology easily scales up for larger residential and commercial flows. The stability of the treatment process with fully submerged, fixed-film media and the effectiveness of activated sludge treatment helps in certain difficult applications and where there may or may not be infrastructure available. The effluent meets secondary quality requirements and can be distributed to a soil treatment system or water reuse applications (with drip-tubing irrigation or other nonpotable use). 913-422-0707;


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