Case Study: Passive Treatment System Meets Efficiency Goals

Case Study: Passive Treatment System Meets Efficiency Goals
A gravity-fed GSF Treatment System from Eljen Corporation solved the homeowner's energy efficiency requirements.

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A homeowner building a new energy-efficient three-bedroom home in Riverton, Illinois, was looking for a low-maintenance, non-mechanical, septic treatment solution that used little to no electricity. Several mechanical ATUs were proposed, but the homeowner wanted a treatment system that performed equally to the proposed solutions and matched the energy-efficiency goal of their new home.

The solution was a gravity-fed GSF Treatment System from Eljen Corporation. The system passively treats wastewater to NSF Standard 40 requirements without using electricity or requiring costly maintenance programs. The system was simply designed and easily installed by Rick Maguire of Maguire Backhoe Co. of Virden, Illinois.

The Eljen GSF system gave the homeowner the affordable treatment and performance they needed without having to install a system saddled with high energy costs. The system was installed in September 2014, allowing the homeowner to move into the energy-efficient home shortly after. 800/444-1359;


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