Pump Parts/Components - Caleffi North America 535H

The 535H pressure-reducing valve from Caleffi North America is engineered to deliver accurate pressure regulation under varying pressure and draw conditions. Low internal pressure losses produce superior falloff performance, enabling more flow capacity to fixtures. It includes NSF 61 certification, a 180-degree F temperature rating, antiscale components and convenient cartridge design. It has a pressure pre-adjustment knob with convenient front and back psi indicator and a 15 to 95 psi adjustment range. The removable cartridge with stainless steel mesh filter makes for easy in-pipe servicing. Its seat and shuttle seal design minimizes turbulence and noise. A contour-shaped EPDM diaphragm withstands sudden pressure fluctuations. Scale-resistant internal parts minimize lime scale formation. It is hot-water booster system compatible and is 300 psi and 180-degree F rated. It is certified to ASSE 1003, NSF 61, NSF 372, CSA B356. 414/238-2360; www.caleffi.com.


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