Pump Parts/Components - SJE-Rhombus EZconnex

The EZconnex float switch connection system from SJE-Rhombus is an efficient way to install and maintain float switches in a wet well for level control applications. Simply install the wiring manifold, plug in the quick-release (pinch and pull) float switches, and wire the manifold cable to the control panel. The manifold cable contains colored wire pairs that match colored caps on the manifold housing for easy field wiring and identification. A protective rubber boot provides a dual-seal design for an extra layer of protection to keep the connection clean and dry. This system can be used with one to four float switches; sealing plugs are available for unused ports. It is rated for short-term submersion in water. Three- and four-port models are available, along with multiple manifold and float cable lengths. It is CSA certified. 888/342-5753; www.sjerhombus.com.


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