The Magazine You Requested

Plumber gives a voice to the people who are moving this industry forward.
The Magazine You Requested
Luke Laggis

We officially launched Plumber as an online-only publication in January 2015. After receiving a lot of positive feedback and continually being asked if we were going to launch a print edition, we’re doing just that. 

In the publishing world, that’s backward — completely contrary to the current trend. Print is supposed to be dead, but you’re proving that’s absolutely not the case. 

As tradesmen, you’ve certainly seen trends come and go in the plumbing world, too. But through all the trends — new tools, equipment, system configurations and market demands — a few things will never go out of style or fade in value: quality work, ethical business practices, and great customer service. Those are the attributes we at Plumber value and will highlight for you in these pages every month. 

Plumber, like everything we do at COLE Publishing, is about people. It’s about plumbers — not pipes and fixtures. Sure, we feature the latest tools and equipment, but we give them context and explain how plumbers are using those tools to build their businesses and solve customers’ problems. 

It starts with our monthly contractor profile, giving you direct insight into how your peers have built their businesses and what they’re doing to move them forward. No one gives you a better look at real success stories and how those lessons translate to your own business. And make no mistake, we’re here to help you grow your business. 

Our other regular features — Industry Insider, On the Road, In the Shop, First Responders and Smart Business — follow the same mission: providing clear examples of what’s worked for other plumbing contractors, what hasn’t, and how you can make those lessons work for you. 

Of course, there are other pieces of the Plumber puzzle, from this column to case studies and industry news. There’s also a wealth of complementary content at, along with a public forum where you can seek advice, offer opinions, or just comment on what you’re seeing in the field and on these pages. Think of it as an online watercooler where conversation is welcome. 

Most importantly, I hope this magazine connects with you on a level that makes you want to comment and get involved. To that end, I’m always interested in what you have to say. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to send them my way. You can email me at

I hope you enjoy the magazine.


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