Urinal Auger Goes Where Other Snakes Can’t

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Urinal Auger Goes Where Other Snakes Can’t

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The Teletube Urinal Auger from General Pipe Cleaners gets through urinals where other snakes can’t. The specially designed spring has the toughness and flexibility to negotiate tight urinal bends. The telescoping Teletube Urinal Auger features a 48-inch spring for clearing stoppages beyond the urinal. 

No need to pull the urinal off the wall becasue the Teletube has an extra 2 feet telescoped inside the guide tube until you need it. After you’ve worked the first 2 feet into the line, you can go 2 feet farther simply by pressing a button and pulling back the crank handle. 

The outer steel tube is 1 1/8 inch in diameter. The aluminum hexagonal guide tube is tougher than the steel rod used in our closet augers. Weighing less than 2 pounds, the compact, durable Teletube Urinal Auger includes a rust-resistant steel tube, vinyl grip handle with Grip Clip for securing the cable, and a rubber bumper to protect the urinal bowl. 

Teletube Urinal Auger design features include: 

  • Telescoping 48-inch-long flexible spring for clearing stoppages beyond the urinal
  • Crush-resistant hexagonal aluminum inner tube
  • Durable galvanized steel pushrod
  • Rubber bumper to protect urinal bowls
  • Rugged turning handle and vinyl handgrip
  • Grip Clip for attaching the spring after use 

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