Italian Company Hopes to Tap US Market with Efficient Grinder

Italian Company Hopes to Tap US Market with Efficient Grinder

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Pedrollo has long been known as one of  Europe’s leading suppliers of electric water pumps for both residential and municipal applications. Only within the last few years has the Italian company been diligently marketing its pump selections in the U.S. According to Paul Ihnatiuk, the company’s newest selection — the Tritus submersible grinder — will give them a foothold in the states.

“I believe the Tritus is a great fit in the U.S. plumbing industry because it is designed to compete with bigger, more expensive pumps,” he says. “It is designed using European principles, which include efficiency and low energy consumption. Those principles have become very important to U.S. consumers.”

The new pumps include a cataphoretic coating for cast iron components, double mechanical seals in the built-in oil chamber and a stainless steel casted handle. Each submersible grinder pump is also equipped with a top-grade grinder in the suction inlet made of AISI 440C high tempered stainless steel, made to finely grind solid parts and fibers inside both drainage and sewage water. They also contain a pressure channel into the sewage system, which uses small sections of pipe and prevents clogging risks. These features allow the Tritus series to offer high-hydraulic performance in the head, which makes the pumps suitable for both the domestic and residential markets.

“This is a technology that has been used in municipal applications in Europe for years, so you know if you’re utilizing it in a municipal setting, it’s going to stand up to any harsh environment,” Ihnatiuk says. “We’re excited to be able to offer this grinder pump option to the U.S. market.”

The Tritus series of submersible grinder pumps are available in a single phase as a TRm 0.75 and TRm 1.1, offering heads to 76 feet and 32 gpm, and three-phase TR 1.1, TR 1.5 and TR 2.2, offering heads as high as 95 feet and 58 gpm. The single-phase version of the pump contains a preset float switch for automatic operation, an external control box with manual overload reset and two capacitors for torque point and running. The capacitors also ensure an efficient startup. According to Ihnatiuk, contractors using the Tritus in Europe have seen a strong market.

“Plumbers are excited by its efficiency and the low energy consumption,” he says. “We believe it’s primed for an impact in the U.S.” 847-354-4302;


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