Product Focus: October 2021

Product Focus: October 2021

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SJE-Rhombus Xpert Alert Wi-Fi

The Xpert Alert Wi-Fi indoor alarm system from SJE-Rhombus helps protect a home from costly damage due to flooding, pump failure or freezing pipes, according to the maker. The system monitors and reports residential alarm condition by notifying locally (audible and visual alarms) and remotely via SMS text messages and/or emails. It uses an existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to send messages. The design incorporates an LED alarm light ring that illuminates red for alarm 1 and amber for alarm 2. The red low-temperature indicator activates at 40 degrees F to alert for potential freezing conditions, but it can be deactivated for cold climates. It is CSA certified. 888-342-5753;


Raypak Dynamic Protection

Raypak’s Dynamic Protection is an advanced controls system that responds to demand and automatically adjusts to keep the unit at optimum performance. It can be used to continuously monitor operating conditions using a built-in flowmeter. Under low flow conditions, units automatically adjust the firing rate to prevent unnecessary cycling, extending the life of the heat exchanger. It is applicable for hydronic or domestic hot water heating for buildings, schools, multifamily housing and gyms. It is available on XVers, XVers L, XFIIRE and is expanding to future Raypak products. 805-278-5300;


ADEY Innovation MagnaClean DRX

Compact and versatile, the MagnaClean DRX magnetic dirt filter from ADEY Innovation provides an effective solution for removing magnetite from light commercial systems with space-restricted mechanical rooms, and larger systems (above 4 inches) in a side-stream application. It consists of an external magnetic belt containing high-performing neodymium magnets, wrapped around a precision-engineered, 304L stainless-steel canister. As system water passes through the canister, magnetite is captured by the intense magnetic field. The belt unclips, disengaging the magnetite from the magnets, ready to be quickly and easily flushed out of the filter’s drain point. Built to ASME standards, it is available in 2-inch (with 48 magnets), 3-inch (64 magnets) and 4-inch (80 magnets) pipe dimensions, and only requires a 6-inch servicing clearance. 844-378-0442;

Pipe Supports

DA Clip DA-Quick Clip

The DA-Quick Clip from DA Clip is a two-pipe grommet that secures 1/2- to 3/4-inch pipe and works with different pipe materials such as PEX, copper and CPVC. Using the snap-click attachment method, the clip fits and locks into the existing cutouts in metal studs, eliminating the process of punching/drilling holes which decreases job completion time and increases worker productivity. In wood studs, attach it with a 3-inch nail or screw for the ability to run two parallel supply lines of various sizes in an organized, efficient and clean-looking installation. The QC Bracket gives the contractor another opportunity for several additional applications. 810-623-3181;

Oatey Full Clamp

Oatey Full Clamp pipe clamps offer updated installation and removal features for fast and easy use. They are built with convenient push-on installation technology, including a lead-in edge that automatically opens the clamp. With a removal wedge and notch, clamp removal is also quick and simple. They provide pipes complete stand-off from the surface, and 360-degree pipe protection allows tubes to expand and contract. Notched nail slots also allow for strain relief and better nail alignment. 800-321-9532;

RWC HoldRite 703 In-Slab PEX Pipe Support

Damaged stub-ups can lead to time-consuming, costly repairs and replacements. Now, contractors can benefit from less material damage, fewer job delays and increased safety with the HoldRite 703 In-slab PEX Pipe Support from RWC. It helps prevent in-slab tubing damage post pour ­— a common problem for plumbers on commercial job sites. Available for single or double pipe runs, the tubing support has a cover plate with locator whiskers for easy identification after concrete pour. Its design accepts and protects one or two 1/2-inch PEX tubes or 3/4-inch conduit and is compatible with slabs 7 1/2 inches or greater without field modifications. 877-700-4242;


Liberty Pumps ProVore 

The ProVore grinder from Liberty Pumps is designed for use in applications where the addition of a bathroom or other fixtures below sewer lines requires pumping. It has the same V-Slice cutter technology used in the Omnivore series, brought down to a more cost-effective level. Powered by a 1 hp motor, this smaller grinder is designed to operate on a standard 115- or 230-volt circuit, requiring only a 20-amp breaker. No special wiring is needed. The pump comes with a 2-inch vertical-style discharge and a standard leg pattern matching the LE Series. This allows for an easy retrofit into existing systems. Compact factory-assembled systems are available in both simplex and duplex versions: the ProVore 380 and ProVore 680. 800-543-2550;


Disston Tools Blu-Mol Xtreme QuickCore Hole Saw System

Eliminate the wasted time and frustration of removing stubborn cores forever with the Blu-Mol Xtreme QuickCore Hole Saw System from Disston Tools. The system provides up to 10 times faster core ejection versus conventional hole saws. Its wide diamond slot design allows for increased visibility and cooling while cutting. 800-272-4436; 

Koul Tools EZ-ON Hose Press 454

The EZ-ON Hose Press 454 from Koul Tools installs and removes 1- to 2-inch barbed fittings quickly and safely. It has a lead screw system that requires only a ratchet or small impact gun to assemble or remove hoses. Simply secure the fitting in the vice, clamp the hose in the travelling carriage and turn the drive screw system. The press is compact, lightweight and has the power to handle difficult hose assemblies. 928-854-6706;

Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL ProPEX Expander

Milwaukee Tool and Uponor have partnered to deliver the M12 FUEL ProPEX Expander. Equipped with RAPID SEAL heads to seal faster at 45 degrees, the tool is part of a complete solution to provide consistent installations. Providing up to 35% faster connections, it has a POWERSTATE brushless motor, delivering sustained peak power even under the toughest conditions, and an extended dual-actuating trigger for better access in tough-to-reach workspaces. The expander comes standard with ProPEX Expander Heads with RAPID SEAL, designed to provide faster sealing connections in colder temperatures while maintaining the expected time to insert a fitting. It is equipped with an auto-rotating head for quick, uniform expansions and built-in LED lights allow for convenient operation. 800-729-3878;

RIDGID RP 350 Press Tool

The RIDGID RP 350 Press Tool is an advanced, long-running press tool built for the most demanding job sites, while giving tradespeople even more options for connecting pipe quickly, safely and with less fatigue. Engineered to be 5% lighter and almost 3 inches shorter than its predecessor, it weighs only 8 pounds with the battery. The advanced brushless motor is known for maximizing tool longevity, efficiency and durability. The tool’s 360-degree swivel comes paired with bright LED lights to let users access tight spaces and see them more clearly in low-light applications. Ideal for making connections on residential, commercial and industrial jobs, it is compatible with the full line of RIDGID jaws and rings. It also pairs with the RIDGID Link app to track tool usage, service needs, battery life and last known location. 800-474-3443;


Fisher Manufacturing Ultra Spray Valve Plus

Fisher Manufacturing’s Ultra Spray Valve Plus is a high performing spray valve that is designed for one million cycles of use, with a knife-edge spray nozzle that uses 1.15 gpm and will effectively remove any leftover food or residue on dishware. A thread-in nozzle requires no O-rings that can leak. It also includes a PTFE disc for smoother action. It is interchangeable with all brands of hoses. It has a solid bronze lever for full-on operation. 800-421-6162;

Water Heaters/Components

Bradford White Water Heaters eF Series

The eF Series from Bradford White Water Heaters are ultra-high-efficiency gas water heaters with electronic controls, a low-NOx premix modulating power burner, a three-pass fire tube heat exchanger system and versatile venting options. ICON HD controls combine temperature control, diagnostic codes and system ignition functions into a single control board with a digital LCD display. The heaters comply with the latest ultra-low NOx Requirement (14 ng/J NOx Limit) and also feature Vitraglas lining and the Hydrojet sediment reduction system. The series includes the Energy Star rated EF60T125 and EF100T (150,199,250) models. All models incorporate non-CFC foam insulation and protective magnesium anode rod. The Energy Star rated eF120T model uses powered anode rods for protection and includes Building Management System integration. Modulation technology allows users to match burner output to variations in heating demand. 800-523-2931;

CORRO-PROTEC Powered Anode Rod

CORRO-PROTEC Powered Anode Rods stop corrosion, rotten egg smell and limescale buildup inside hot water tanks. They are a long-term solution that don’t require any maintenance. The power supply, plugged on top of the titanium anode rod, provides an electrical current that completely stops corrosion. With that unlimited source of protection, it can double the life of the tank and prevent unwanted reactions like the sulfur smell in hot water and limescale buildup inside the water heater. All anodes are designed to last over 20 years and are easy to install since they are only 12 inches long. 877-466-6660;

Lochinvar ARMOR Condensing Water Heater

The updated line of ARMOR Condensing Water Heaters from Lochinvar is available in a total of 10 models, ranging from 399,000 to 4 million Btu/hr. The larger input models are constructed with 316L stainless-steel, which reduces heat loss and provides a greater performance of up to 99% thermal efficiency and reliability for large commercial applications. This flexible line of condensing water heaters features a 10-1 turndown ratio and direct vent flexibility up to 150 feet in floor mount, wall mount, indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor convertible options, making it suitable for a variety of installations. 615-889-8900;  


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