A Versatile Jetter for Smaller Lines

MyTana's M20 electric jetter is effective on frozen lines too

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A Versatile Jetter for Smaller Lines

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MyTana’s M20 electric jetter is a powerhouse for clearing grease, soap, food and other obstructions from 1 1/2-  to 4-inch lines with 1,500 psi cleaning pressure. The lower flow rate of the 2.1 gpm pump also makes it effective for opening up frozen lines. Both the pump and 2 hp motor are seated onto a rugged yet compact reel cart. Ergonomically designed to move about easily, the cart has stair glides and a loading wheel built in. The reel has a ball valve for flow control and carries 115 feet of 1/4-inch hose. 

If you need to get into even tighter spaces, like a small bathroom, remove the pump/motor unit and carry it to where you will be jetting. This pump unit has quick-disconnect fittings so you can attach a loose section of trap hose quickly. Flow, pressure and pulsation controls are also right there at the pump. 

Get the muscle and range you need to blast through clogs in practically any household, apartment or commercial building drain. Learn more about MyTana’s M20 jetter.

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