Plumber Industry News: Mansfield Plumbing Employee Runs ‘Life-Changing’ Race

On Sept. 26, Mansfield Plumbing employee Dave Fletcher ran 26.2 miles in the Akron Marathon.
Plumber Industry News: Mansfield Plumbing Employee Runs ‘Life-Changing’ Race
Mansfield's Dave Fletcher

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On Sept. 26, Mansfield Plumbing employee Dave Fletcher ran 26.2 miles in the Akron Marathon. He started training just 51 weeks before the event and ran his first marathon in a time that qualifies him to run in the Boston Marathon in 2017.

Fletcher, 63, finished the Akron Marathon in four hours, four minutes and 36 seconds. He began training when he got out of wind while bike riding with his grandchildren. He decided to run to get in shape. When he started getting good at it, he went to a local store to buy running shoes. That's when he joined a running club and got serious about the marathon.

"This is a life-changing experience," Fletcher says. "My family and friends were surprised when I ran in all kinds of weather conditions, at night, and then joined a health club. Everyone's been extremely supportive. On the day of the Akron Marathon my family showed up wearing custom-made shirts that read 'Fletcher Team' on the front and 'Boston Bound' on the back."

Fletcher, the father of three sons, has worked at Mansfield Plumbing in Perrysville, Ohio, for 30 years; the last 25 as a modeler in the Model Shop.

"I was a bit nervous about the race, so I just threw myself into my work at Mansfield," Fletcher says. "It requires a lot of thinking and we're always busy. It's both a rewarding and enjoyable career.

"My boss and co-workers were great about my training. They'd make sure I had enough time off to run about 40 to 50 miles a week. Before the race they encouraged me to keep eating carbohydrates and made sure I knew they were supporting me."

Prior to the September race Fletcher ran 22-plus miles, then tapered down to prepare for the marathon. Leg cramps at night were solved by drinking pickle juice. Bike rides with his four grandchildren became easier. And, pasta every night for a week built up his reservoir of strength.

"The day of the race, mile 25 was the hardest," Fletcher says. "It was a steep hill and my hamstring cramped. I had to stop, stretch it out and then start running again. I thought the delay meant I wouldn't qualify for the Boston Marathon, so that was tough."

Once 1,471 runners crossed the finish line, Fletcher discovered that his time did qualify him to run in the Boston Marathon in 2017.

"Completing my first marathon is one item I've now crossed off my bucket list," he says. "But there's still one big item left to go – and that one is located in Boston!"

Envirosight opens Oregon marketing office

Envirosight opened an office in Portland, Oregon, Sept. 15. The 1,200-square-foot facility will primarily house the environmental inspectional technology company’s marketing and public relations department.

“Establishing a physical presence in Portland is a strategic decision based on the companywide commitment to better serve our West Coast sales partners and customers,” says Jake Wells, director of marketing at Envirosight. “With our marketing division based out of Portland, we can capitalize on regional opportunities and give ourselves the latitude to serve our current and prospective customers more effectively. We chose Portland not only for central proximity to the major market areas we serve on the West Coast, but also because we wanted to be in a city that is at the forefront of sustainability and green technologies, which is well aligned with Envirosight’s commitment to environmental stewardship.”

As part of a company whose customer philosophy emphasizes regional support and service, Envirosight’s new facility dovetails with market coverage that includes 23 regionally exclusive North American sales partners, strategically placed regional sales managers, and entrenched subsidiaries in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

“One of our goals in 2016 and into the future is to expand our marketing efforts to better support our sales partners and their customers,” says Venay Sehgal Bhatia, Envirosight’s digital marketing manager. “Our team has some very exciting projects that include updating our Web presence, increasing our marketing communications, and building communications and content that will help professionals in our industry understand how technology, regulations and best practices are evolving. This office space will be integral in helping us better collaborate and execute our marketing and communications projects.”

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