Plumber Product News: March 2021

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry

Plumber Product News: March 2021

General Pipe Cleaners’ JM-1000 Mini-Jet now offers optional stainless steel braid supply and jetter hoses.

General’s JM-1000 Mini-Jet braid hoses
General Pipe Cleaners’ JM-1000 Mini-Jet now offers optional stainless steel braid supply and jetter hoses. The upgraded supply hose sports a durable, 10- by 3/8-inch stainless steel braid design with a compression fitting for attachment directly to angle stops beneath sinks. The abrasion-resistant, stainless steel braid jetter hoses smoothly traverse 1 1/2- to 3-inch drainlines and easily navigate tight bends. Available in 30- and 50-foot lengths, the 3/16-inch Teflon core also reduces water flow resistance, improving small-line cleaning power. 800-245-6200;

Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR303 gloves
Brass Knuckle’s SmartCut BKCR303 gloves succeed on three fronts by providing dexterity, grip and ANSI cut level A2 protection. This is accomplished with a glass fiber and ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene shell, a composite yarn that has a strength-to-weight ratio eight to 15 times greater than steel, and polyurethane coating. The thinner, 13-gauge material delivers deftness without trading away its inherent cut-resistance. The nonsticky polyurethane coating on the palm and fingers features excellent grip, even against oils, fats and greases, and can deliver enhanced puncture protection and abrasion resistance, all without adding bulk or reducing touch sensitivity. The glove’s uncoated back and wrist improves ventilation, and a seamless and stretchable full-knit wrist provides a snug fit and prevents dirt, debris and cold from getting inside glove. 770-674-8930;

Perma-Liner LightRay LR3 UV repair system
Waterline Renewal Technologies' new LightRay LR3, from Perma-Liner Industries, incorporates the latest in UV trenchless technology, reducing curing time during installations. A modular design and enhanced electrical connections for rapid packer attachment and removal are among the key highlights. Transitions, cast iron and vertical stacks can all be serviced by LightRay LR3 which easily navigates 45- and 90-degree bends. Its non-VOC resin is pre-impregnated into the high-performance fiberglass liner and shipped ready to install for no-dig small-diameter pipe infrastructure repairs. Once the install site is prepped, casting times in under 10 minutes can be achieved eliminating the risk of premature or prolonged curing times due to temperature variations. 866-336-2568;

Navien combi-boilers and boilers

Navien’s three new boilers include the NCB-H condensing combi-boiler, NFC-H condensing fire tube combi-boiler and NFB-H condensing fire tube boiler. The NCB-H series includes five models ranging from 160,000 to 210,000 Btu/h for domestic hot water and 60,000 to 150,000 Btu/h for heating. Both the NFC-H and NFB-H offer turndown ratios up to 15-to-1, powered connections for three zone pumps or three zone valves, easy-to-use Setup Wizard for improved installation, 2-inch venting up to 65 feet and 3-inch venting up to 150 feet. 800-519-8794;

Sencentric SimpleSENCE water leak and freeze detector
Sencentric’s SimpleSENCE Enterprise is a scalable, commercial version of its SimpleSENCE water leak and freeze detector. While the unit itself remains the same as the residential version, the web-based user interface and cost-effective pricing model make SimpleSENCE ideal for commercial businesses. It offers 24/7 monitoring and instant alert notifications from an easy-to-monitor desktop interface, convenient and secure Wi-Fi operation, easy setup and installation and alerts via text, email and the desktop interface. The system can easily scale leak protection with unlimited sensors deployed in multiple locations, offers unlimited alert notifications and unlimited (and encrypted) notification contacts, and the ability to monitor the sensor battery life and Wi-Fi strength of each individual sensor. It is also 100% compliant with new 2020 state enacted cybersecurity regulations. 844-573-6767;

Lochinvar KNIGHT XL boiler
KNIGHT XL commercial boiler from Lochinvar is available in five models, ranging from 399,000 to 1 million Btu/h. The advanced units feature a 97% thermal efficiency, a 10-to-1 turndown ratio and an updated heat exchanger. The new KNIGHT XL models offer extended venting up to 150 feet, backside connections and the ability to cascade multiple units for increased output, making it ideal for retrofit and new construction applications. It also comes standard with CON•X•US Remote Connectivity and SMART TOUCH operating control technology, providing connectivity and system control for easy monitoring and adjustments. 615-889-8900;

Grundfos UP 10-16 digital timer
The Grundfos UP 10-16 digital timer is designed for energy-efficient hot water recirculation in residential homes. The pump’s low-noise permanent magnet motor reduces energy consumption to as little as 5 to 8.5 watts. The pumps are easy to install and deliver reliable operation for buildings with a footprint of up to 2,000 square feet. The lead-free bronze housing complies with the latest U.S. safe drinking water standards. Three control modes — Basic, Temperature and Auto — make it easy for installers to select a pump that matches the needs of the homeowner. 630-236-5500;

HoldRite HydroFlame 703 in-slab tubing support
HoldRite 703 in-slab tubing support helps prevent the common issue of in-slab tubing damage on the job site. Designed to accept 1/2-inch PEX tubing with 3/4-inch protective smurf tubing or 3/4-inch conduit, the support provides a protective recessed cavity in the upper portion of the concrete floor, allowing space for the protection of one to two 1/2-inch PEX tubes or 3/4-inch conduit. It also includes a protective cover plate and HoldRite’s locator whiskers, providing a simple and fast way to find buried tubing after a concrete pour. 800-321-0316;


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