The Presscision PPT is a portable, digital test instrument for automated pressure and temperature testing of commercial and residential plumbing installations. It is designed to eliminate human error and subjectivity from the test process and provide the user with the ability to quickly detect small leaks that would otherwise go undetected using analog pressure gauges. It increases a user’s productivity through accuracy and automation, creates a permanent, tamper-proof record of every test, and provides a hard-copy printed test report at the completion of each test. It can be used to conduct regulatory testing of natural gas installations, water supply lines, drain waste vent lines, fire suppression systems, and medical gas distribution systems. The user-friendly device supports multiple measurement ranges, including: 0-15 psig, 0-150 psig at 0.25 percent accuracy, and 67 degrees below zero to 302 degrees F at 0.3 percent accuracy. 774-521-9132;


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