A Contractor’s Favorite Moneymaker Cleans Drains Quickly and Neatly

Milwaukee Tool’s battery-powered Drain Snake is a go-to tool for Bulldog Contractors

A Contractor’s Favorite Moneymaker Cleans Drains Quickly and Neatly

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On-the-job efficiency translates into better customer service and higher profit margins. That’s why Jeff Keller at Bulldog Contractors in Jefferson, Texas, swears by the Milwaukee Tool M18 battery-powered Drain Snake.

Designed for cleaning drainlines up to 3 inches in diameter, the machine features an enclosed drum and an auto-feed system. Both of these features boost productivity and profitability, Keller says.

“Because it’s battery powered, we don’t have to drag around extension cords or search for electrical outlets. And the autofeed clutch means you don’t have to push the cable in by hand,” he says. “By pulling a trigger and engaging the clutch, it feeds the cable downstream. And when you want to retract it, a quick twist of the wrist puts the clutch in reverse mode and pulls the cable right back.”

The machine features variable speed control (from 0 to 500 rpm and a 0-to-8-inches-per-second feed rate), an LED light and 35 or 50 feet of rust-resistant, 1/4-inch-diameter bulb-head cable. It also can hold 50 feet of compatible 5/16-inch-diameter cable and 35 feet of 3/8-inch-diameter cable. The unit weighs slightly more than 8 pounds and measures 10 inches wide by just more than 11 inches tall.

The enclosed drum prevents the operator from coming in contact with the spinning cable, which Keller describes as an “awesome” safety feature. Furthermore, the drum prevents materials from splattering and creating a mess when retracting, he says.

While some plumbers may be leery about the power of battery-operated drain machines, Keller says the Drain Snake’s brushless motor provides plenty of muscle to get through bathtub, shower and sink clogs.

“That’s where it’s a real money-maker because it gets the job done quickly and neatly.”

Bulldog Contractors was featured in the June 2020 issue of Plumber magazine.


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