Drainline Inspection - RauschUSA minCord

The minCord miniature push camera system from RauschUSA includes a 1/2-inch KK13 miniature color camera with 12 adjustable LED lights and 1 mm sapphire glass lens. This camera can inspect pipes from 0.6- to 3-inch pipe diameters, or any other small crevice or access point. It is available with 50 or 100 feet of push-pull cable. It is very flexible, ideal for inspecting drains with many traps. The unit comes in a hand-held shatterproof housing and weighs 2.5 pounds. All units are outfitted with a 3.5-inch TFT LCD monitor, video and photo recording to an SD card, and video out. The integrated battery offers up to 2 1/2 hours of operation per charge. It can be upgraded with a 512 Hz locating sonde in the camera coil. 717/709-1005; www.rauschusa.com.


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