Training Program for Women Helps Middle Eastern Country Battle Plumbing Problems

Since 2011, Jordan’s Water Wise Women program has trained more than 300 female plumbers

Training Program for Women Helps Middle Eastern Country Battle Plumbing Problems

(Photo by BBC)

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The issues surrounding water, plumbing infrastructure, and those working in the plumbing profession can be extremely varied depending on where you are located in the world.

For example, take a look at the circumstances in the Middle Eastern country of Jordan, which are further examined in this recent photo essay by the BBC.

Geographical, political, and cultural factors have all been catalysts in the forming of Water Wise Women, an initiative spearheaded by Jordan’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation in 2011 that has now trained more than 300 female plumbers in 15 locations across the country. And interest in it continues to grow.   

The photo essay features cousins Tahani and Khawla Shatti, who were part of the original Water Wise Women pilot group of 17 and have been working as plumbers since.

Good management of water resources in Jordan is crucial. The country is 75 percent desert and putting further pressure on those limited water resources is the large number of Syrian refugees currently in the country. Water leakage is an issue, but until the Water Wise Women program, an obstacle preventing more plumbing problems from getting fixed was the fact that all plumbers in Jordan were men. In many communities in the country, a man who isn’t a relative can’t enter someone’s home if only women are there. But many women’s husbands work, so only women are home during the day, making it difficult to schedule plumbing repairs.

Source: BBC


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