Product Spotlight - April 2021

Product Spotlight - April 2021

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As a plumber, you know that when you install floor drains and clean-outs, if they aren’t level, they won’t work correctly. Thankfully, the Watts Pronto! line of adjustable drains and clean-outs are not only durable, aesthetically appealing fixtures, they offer easier installation and simple leveling for all floor finishes. Available in PVC and cast iron, the Pronto! line enables post-pour adjustment and quick installation.

The drains and clean-outs feature an integrated bubble level concrete cover for a level installation and to protect the fixture while pouring concrete. The product is pre-packaged with shims for tilt correction to create a professional finish.

“They can save 15 minutes per drain or clean-out install,” says James Koepsell, drains director at Watts. “They let you get a level drain or clean-out the first time, and every time with the built-in bubble level, designed for pre-pour and post-pour adjustment. You get maximum flexibility in light to medium commercial and residential applications with the complete solution that ships as a fully assembled system.”

Pronto! drains and clean-outs are designed for light- to medium-duty commercial and residential use. They are available in two durable nickel-bronze cover sizes with 5- and 6-inch diameters and a 5-inch stainless option. They include pipe connections of 2, 3 and 4 inches, and come complete with an anchor flange, with up to 1 1/2-inch pre-pour and 1-inch post-pour adjustability.

“The real benefit is that the drain can be adjusted twice,” says Koepsell. “The basin can be raised or lowered to match the initial concrete pour, and then the strainer can be adjusted to match the finished floor. We also offer matching clean-outs for each.”

PVC models come with a solvent weld or no-hub outlet connection, and cast iron models feature a no-hub or push-on outlet connection. A stainless steel clamping collar ring is available as an optional accessory. Both models come out of the box completely assembled.

These are appreciated because they are dual adjustable, with the built-in bubble level, and are designed for pre- and post-pour adjustment,” says Koepsell. “We have conducted many field tests on these drains and clean-outs, and the feedback is all positive.” 978-689-6066;


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