Cold Water vs. Hot Water Jetting: Which is Best?

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It seems to be the big debate amongst pipe cleaning professionals and manufacturers: cold vs. hot water. Which works best? Both have their advantages depending upon the application. Cold water with the right amount of output is very effective for flushing lines and breaking through blockages. But what about lines that are plagued with recurring buildups of FOG?

When you clean grease off your hands or dishes, would you rely solely on cold water to get the grease off? Of course not. Hot water will break down the grease better and when aided by a cleaning agent, grease is a goner. While cold-water jetting can bust through a blockage, you will not truly clean a pipe and rid it of the FOG  buildup unless you clean it with hot water.

The argument for hot water

Vinny Rouchi, owner of Silver Star Plumbing in Las Vegas, has run nearly every brand of jetter on the market. He chose the HotJet II trailer jetter to give him an edge when it comes to clearing tough grease clogs. His trailer-mounted HotJet USA water jetter — outfitted with optional hot-water capability — makes short work of tough drain cleaning problems. It’s a story that gets relayed to HotJet USA constantly.

“Most times, the HotJet II does a job about twice as fast as using cold water,” Rouchi says. “It’s especially good for cleaning out grease-trap lines.

“The hot water gets heated to a temperature of 140 degrees and liquefies the grease. I’ve used both cold and hot water and there’s a big-time difference. With cold water you can spend a lot of time working in one small area and it can create clogs in the rest of line — chunks of grease hook up together farther down the line and form another clog. But by using hot water, that doesn’t happen because it’s liquefied.”

Rouchi says technicians can do jobs twice as fast. “Even if we get in just one more job a week because of that, we’re making $1,400 to $1,600 more revenue per week.”

Keep customers coming back

Nobody likes to have to call a plumber to clean out an impossible drain clog. But once the plumber has not only completely cleaned the line and treated the line with a drain additive like 3n1 Total-C, customers keep calling to maintain their restored, healthy drain. Customers love a clean, odor free drain and drain cleaning professionals love the monthly residual income of a drain maintenance program like 3n1 Total-C.

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