If Time Is Money, Idle Time Costs a Fortune

Maximize driver efficiency, improve routes and save money with GPS Trackit

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A driver doesn’t have to go far to rack up a hefty gas bill, or anywhere at all for that matter. Take our friend the Lunch Idler, for example. As his belt gets tighter, profit margins get slimmer.  

Find the idlers in your own business who are wasting fuel and stop the damage in real time. Monitor your vehicles, drivers and equipment in live time to improve routes, enhance job site planning and save your business money. 

GPS Trackit provides a 24/7 view of where your company vehicles are and how efficiently they’re operating. With more than 12,000 customers and over 20 years of experience, GPS Trackit money-saving solutions deliver the peace of mind that plumbing business deserve.  

Ready to protect your vehicles and save money? Talk with one of GPS Trackit’s Specialized Advisors at 844-976-4221 or visit https://bit.ly/3P7KaAE to learn more.


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