Using EvoPEX to Cut Labor Costs by 40%

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Tibor Schuller, owner of Schuller Hydronics in the Toronto area, wanted to outfit his modern home with a hydronic heating system. To do so quickly, he used the SharkBite EvoPEX system to complete an efficient and professional installation for the comfort he desired.

In Canada, where the winters can be long and harsh, sometimes you want more than what standard electric heating systems can supply. Schuller decided to use his modern Ontario house as an example of the comfort that hydronic heating provides. The hydronic radiant floor heating system efficiently warms his 3,200-square-foot home from the basement, throughout the house and all the way out to the porch.

Schuller Hydronics turned to SharkBite oxygen barrier PEX and the EvoPEX system, as well as other RWC solutions, to create a clean hydronic heating installation. “Using EvoPEX, I found that I was spending less time on the ladder,” Schuller says. “I allowed for four or five hours to do a certain amount of job, and two hours into it, I was done.”

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