Experience the Future of Drain Cleaning With General's Flexi-Rooter 100

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In this video from the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show, Dave Dunbar of General Pipe Cleaners talks about the company’s Flexi-Rooter 100 drain cleaning machine. The machine features a stronger, stiffer shaft that is flexible enough to get through 2-inch lines, yet strong enough to cut roots in 4-inch drainlines up to 75 feet down the line. 

“Flex-shaft technology is something completely different,” Dunbar says. “It uses high speed in order to cut through obstructions in the drain as opposed to brute force or torque.

“In addition to cutting through roots or paper products and turning them to sawdust in the pipe like a weed whacker, this thing will actually do descaling, it’ll do pipe prep, milling. It’ll prepare you to do a proper lining job. There’s a lot of different applications, and we think it’s the wave of the future.”

For more information, visit www.drainbrain.com.


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