Plumber Product News: July 2021

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry

Plumber Product News: July 2021

PRIER Products’ P-6IV irrigation valve comes with a built-in elbow that swivels to allow for easy installation and reduced cost for extra parts.

PRIER Products P-61V irrigation valve
PRIER Products’ P-6IV irrigation valve comes with a built-in elbow that swivels to allow for easy installation and reduced cost for extra parts. It’s also designed to allow servicing from the exterior of the structure, rather than entering the residence, which means the homeowner doesn’t need to be home or provide access to the contractor for annual servicing. The heavy-pattern cast brass hydrant with a nickel-plated body looks attractive, resists corrosion and should last the life of the plumbing system when installed correctly. The valve also offers a triple-seal positive shutoff system, ensuring shutoff. The P-6IV is available in 12 lengths to suit a wide range of installation needs across the U.S. and Canada. 800-362-9055;

Powers IntelliStation Jr. digital mixing valve
Powers, a Watts brand, enhanced its IntelliStation Jr. digital mixing valve with remote visibility and alerts through Cloud connectivity. The valve now features Wi-Fi capability and connectivity to the new Watts OnSite mobile and web app for commercial facilities. The Watts OnSite app provides access to critical mixing valve performance data. While BACnet and Modbus were already native to the valves, the new IntelliStation Jr. with Cloud connectivity provides an additional economical way to view and adjust critical mixed outlet temperature via a secure, local Wi-Fi network. No additional module is needed to achieve connectivity. Key features of the enhanced valve include multi-channel alerts, remote scheduling of temperature set-back for energy efficiency, data logging and report generation for ASHRAE 188P compliance, and more. 800-669-5430;

General Pipe Cleaners PD-25 Auto Handy
General Pipe Cleaners’ new PD-25 Auto Handy with automatic feed offers feeding speed and convenience in a hand-held drain cleaner. The Auto Handy can be used as a hand tool or as a power tool by removing the turning handle and attaching a drill for extra muscle on tough clogs. Squeezing the feed lever as the container rotates feeds cable; to retract cable, reverse drill rotation and squeeze the lever. Auto Handy can clear clogs from 1 1/4- to 3-inch-diameter lines up to 50 feet long. Designed to withstand tough jobs in the field, Auto Handy’s sturdy polyurethane drum has been drop tested from 8 feet, fully loaded, without damage. Auto Handy uses Flexicore cables made of heavy-gauge wire coiled tightly around an aircraft-type wire rope core, then heat treated, offering strength with optimal flexibility. 800-245-6200;

RIDGID’s Pipe Saw cuts 1-inch to 12-inch pipe up to 1/2-inch wall thickness. Designed for versatility, the Pipe Saw is configured to cut steel and stainless steel and, with a quick switch to one of the optional blades, it can cut plastic and cast steel. Eliminating the need to struggle with gas tanks, open flames, or handling loose tools, the Pipe Saw secures to the pipe with a rugged 3-point roller system that quickly sets up and cuts up to 12-inch pipe. Conveniently placed handlebars and feed rate speed monitoring with LED interface enable easily controlled rotation from a comfortable, ergonomic position. Built-in handles and dedicated cord wrap provide easy portability. 800-362-9055;

Zurn Industries FloForce roof drain
Zurn Industries’ Z100 FloForce high-performance roof drain’s efficiency is realized through a redesigned system geometry, which optimizes the flow at lower head depths. The drains are tested in a closed-lab facility following a highly automated process and ASME Standard A112.6.9 to ensure controlled results and compliance. The labor-saving design eliminates costs during installation and optimized storm evacuation that may result in fewer systems required on each roof. 814-875-1252;

Aqua-Rex power supply for water conditioners
Aqua-Rex upgraded its electronic water conditioners for treating hard water with a new power supply that can be connected to USB outlets and the same transformers that are used for recharging cellphones. The new low-voltage input eliminates the need for UL certification, reducing cost and complexity. Aqua-Rex units are sized to be suitable for single residence homes, multifamily and all types of commercial, hospitality, health and correctional facilities. 702-304-2170;


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