Faucets - GROHE Foot Control Technology

GROHE Foot Control Technology, available with K7 and Ladylux3 kitchen faucets, allows the user to easily switch the water flow on and off with a tap of the foot on the activation plate that can be installed discreetly in the toe space of the cabinet or on the side for knee, hand or elbow control. It frees both hands for added maneuverability in the kitchen. Because the need to operate the faucet via the handle is eliminated, the faucet remains clean and bacteria-free, making cooking and entertaining that much more enjoyable. K7 and Ladylux3 kitchen faucets come in different sizes and color schemes to ensure that Foot Control Technology is able to fit with any kitchen setup. The faucets come in sizes small, medium and large and can have either a chrome or super-steel finish. 800/444-7643; www.grohe.com/us.


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