Offering a Drain Maintenance Program Provides Steady Residual Income

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Offering a Drain Maintenance Program Provides Steady Residual Income

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Plumbers and drain cleaners are often called out to their customer’s homes or places of business for the same problem — leading to customer frustration due to repetitive servicing and increased costs. While high-pressure water jetting will do the job that traditional cabling can’t by completely eliminating clogs instead of simply boring holes into them, neither jetting nor cabling can keep the fats, oils and grease from reaccumulating.

FOG is most common in kitchen drainlines and it can be a burdensome expense for restaurants and homeowners. By offering a drainline maintenance program, customers will benefit from the long-term solution to their FOG problems and your business will enjoy repeat customers and a new profit center for your bottom line. 

HotJet USA is not only a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of mid-range jetting equipment, they also are the manufacturers of 3n1 Total-C drainline additive, specifically created to “eat the sludge” through a scientific formulation of bacteria-eating enzymes. The exclusive formula is designed to keep drains flowing free by preventing the buildup of troublesome fats, oils and grease. 

3n1 Total-C was developed in the 1990s for residential and commercial use to control drain odors and to keep drains clear. It is especially effective for restaurants and food service companies to help control their drain odors. When combined with drainline jetting, 3n1 Total-C drainline treatment instantly kills odors, leaving a fresh citrus scent. It liquifies FOG and reconditions drainlines. After, with routine uses, customers benefit with cleaner pipes, odorless drains and maximized drain flow. 

Plumbing customers are not able to purchase 3n1 Total-C directly as it is an exclusive drainline additive only available from professional plumbers. Plumbers and drain cleaners who would like to offer this service to their customers may take advantage of the private labeling program offered by HotJet USA that will identify the 3n1 Total-C drainline treatment as their own — so their customers know where to go to get more. By offering this repetitive service, plumbing companies have seen as much as a 31% increase to their yearly profits.  

For more information about how your plumbing company can increase profits and provide an invaluable service to your customers, call HotJet USA at 800-624-8186.


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