Duracable Mfg. Co. ProClean  Concentrated Drain Cleaner

ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner from Duracable Mfg. Co. is a safe, economical and environmentally friendly solution designed to help keep drains free flowing and prevent buildups from grease, fats and soaps. Nontoxic, beneficial bacteria absorb the grease and organic buildup in your pipes and convert them into harmless carbon dioxide and water through natural biological activity. A biofilm coats the inside of the pipes and continues to consume the organic wastes until they are gone. It contains no solvents, acids or caustic ingredients. It is approved for use by municipalities and water treatment facilities across the country. It will not harm drains regardless of how often it is used. It is also NSF-approved. It is available in quart or gallon sizes. 877/244-0826; www.duracable.com.


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