Product Focus - September 2021

Product Focus - September 2021

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Cable Machines


The VALOR series of drain machines from DCD (formerly Draincables Direct) is suitable for plumbers. Complete with a 1/12 hp motor, this machine has an independent inner drum that helps prevent cable kinking. It is suitable for 5/16-, 3/8-, 13/32- and 1/2-inch drain cables. The VALOR Extreme mid-sized machine is ideal for 3- to 6-inch drainlines, with a large drum capacity that handles up to 125 feet of drain cable with a heavy duty power feed and a gearbox mated to the motor for maximum torque output. 855-746-7323;

Duracable DM125

The Duracable DM125 is a small and easily portable machine to clear drainlines fast. Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the go-anywhere unit is a tidy 20 by 10 by 14 inches. The 1/6 hp motor runs at 230 rpm, controlled by an air foot pedal designed with operator safety in mind. All wiring is enclosed within the sturdy frame, and a guide tube makes it easy to run the cable without scratching surfaces. It can be operated in a vertical or horizontal position without scuffing the floor thanks to non-marring pads on the frame. It is suitable for 1 1/4- to 2-inch residential lines including sinks, bathtubs and shower drains. 800-848-3375;

Electric Eel Model D-5

The Model D-5 from Electric Eel is a continuous cable drum machine for cleaning 3- to 10-inch lines up to 100 feet. The high-density polyethylene drum and belt guard will not rust or dent and holds up to 100 feet of 3/4-inch Tri-Max cable. Three sealed, heavy-duty ball bearings support the drum and thick-wall guide tube for extended wear. It is powered by a heavy-duty, 1/2 hp, capacitor-type motor to provide more torque. It has large, 10-inch solid wheels for easy maneuvering and stabilization while in operation. It has 1 1/4-inch steel tubing framework, five-position height adjustments on the handle, a wheel brake, continuous belt skids and a loading wheel built into the handle, GFCI on a 20-foot line cord and an air-operated foot switch for easy operation. 800-833-1212;

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain  Model GO 62HD Series

The Model GO 62HD Series machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is a mirror image of the larger Model GO 68HD. Its smaller size, low profile and lighter weight make it suitable for getting into tight spaces or through narrow doorways and basements. It is available in a variety of reel and/or drum combinations. With a quick turn of an Allen wrench, the machine can be broken down into separate frame and reel components for easy transportation or adding an additional cable reel for extended reach. It includes a ball bearing 1/3 hp reversible motor and aluminum gearbox that develops approximately 100 pounds of torque and cleans sewer lines and drainlines from 2 to 4 inches in diameter up to 200 feet long. The machine comes equipped with a standard hollow-core 5/8-inch-diameter cable with slip-joint connectors. An electric foot switch is provided for safe operation of the machine. 877-446-7548;

Milwaukee Tool MX FUEL  Sewer Drum Machine 

Milwaukee Tool’s MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine has POWERTREDZ lift-assist technology, which makes it easier for one person to transport the machine up and down stairs and in and out of service vans. The machine has the power to clear roots 200 feet out while containing the mess with a fully enclosed drum. The POWERSTATE brushless motor provides full power at the maximum capacity of the machine, the REDLINK PLUS intelligence improves control with an integrated drum brake, and the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM battery pack can power through multiple jobs on a single charge, delivering the easiest setup and transport. 800-729-3878;

MyTana M888 Cable Machine

MyTana’s M888 Cable Machine clears roots and obstructions from 3- to 10-inch lines. Constructed of powder-coated steel, it’s built to hold up in harsh environments. Its easy reel change design lets the user quickly add additional reels, and the gearbox will push the cable up to 400 feet. Its upright, compact size gives it a small footprint, and a removable pneumatic loading wheel allows the user to load it efficiently. Glides assist in navigating stairways. An automatic feed/retriever is standard, and the unit is available with 11/16- or 3/4-inch cable in either 100- or 125-foot length. 866-735-7684;

Picote Solutions Mini Cleaner

The Mini Cleaner from Picote Solutions is a high-speed pipeline cleaning system aimed at the domestic drainage and plumbing markets. The unit has a flexible two-part shaft with a rotating inner core where the cleaning heads are attached. The stationary outer casing ensures the operator’s hands do not make contact with rotating parts during the cleaning operation, improving safety and flexibility. The outer casing is durable and also flame, abrasion and chemical resistant with a high continuous service temperature. The whole unit weighs in at 58 pounds so it can be easily transported. It also has the flexibility to handle multiple 90-degree bends, even in smaller-diameter pipes. 219-440-1404;

RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines

RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines quickly and efficiently deliver wall-to-wall clean in 1 1/4- to 6-inch residential and commercial pipes up to 125 feet. Lightweight and fully contained machines, they are used in conjunction with a full suite of specialized accessories designed for clearing grease, sludge, small tree roots and soft blockages with less mess and enhanced speed. They utilize various chain knockers that expand to the size of the pipe to quickly clear the entire pipe circumference. The chain knockers are connected to a flexible, nylon-sheathed cable that is housed in a fully enclosed drum. The K9-102 and K9-204 are powered by a cordless drill attached to a driveshaft. The K9-306 is powered by an internal 1 1/2 hp motor equipped with an I-Clutch for additional cable protection. Nylon and nylon/steel brushes for final pipe cleaning and relining preparation are also available for each machine. They allow for inspection cameras to remain in-pipe throughout the entire drain cleaning process for maximum efficiency. 800-474-3443;

Spartan Tool Model 300

The Model 300 from Spartan Tool has a compact design suitable for tight spaces and narrow doorways. Its enclosed inner and outer steel drums are designed to contain messes. It can be combined with up to 107 feet of Spartan Tool’s Magnum cable for increased power and performance in a compact machine. 800-435-3866;

Grease Chemicals

DRAINBO drain cleaner

DRAINBO certified safe, all-natural drain cleaner can be used to combat buildup restricting and slowing down flow. It uses a concentration of seven-strain bacillus formula along with derivatives from corn, coconut and citrus to eliminate slow drains and help keep them free-flowing all year round. When offered and used as part of a regular maintenance program, it can keep drainline buildup digested and removed, allowing the drains to run at peak performance. As customers look to their plumber to offer a complete solution, offering DRAINBO helps ensure their drains are taken care of after the plumber leaves. Private labeling is available. 877-372-4626;


Enz USA 37 mm Bulldog

The Enz USA 37 mm Bulldog has been redesigned for the low-flow jetter units. As low as 5.5 gpm, this nozzle can aggressively remove tree roots, grease and hard deposits. It’s suitable for accessing mainline blockages from a 2-inch toilet roof vent and wall cleanout. The small size allows it to easily maneuver pipe bends. An integrated oil-free braking system results in a low wear and tear operation, resulting in low upkeep and virtually maintenance free. This nozzle can be used with both recycled and freshwater. Flow rates start at a range from 5.5 gpm, depending on the output of the jetter unit. This nozzle is available in 3/8- and 1/2-inch connecting threads. The cleaning pipe diameter range starts from 1 1/2- to 6-inch pipe. 877-369-8721;

Portable Jetter

General Pipe Cleaners JM-2900 Jet-Set

The JM-2900 Jet-Set gas-powered water jet from General Pipe Cleaners can quickly clear grease, sand and ice in 4- to 8-inch drainlines. It is designed to be light and maneuverable, and it is driven by a 13 hp Honda engine connected directly to a 3,000 psi, 4 gpm triplex pump. Vibra-Pulse helps the hose slide around tight bends in small lines and down long runs. A 200-foot-capacity hose reel with reel brake is mounted on a heavy-duty frame with two 10-inch flat-free foam-core tires. It has a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from heat damage, along with a backflow check valve and inlet filter. An optional spray wand is available. 800-245-6200;

Root Control Chemicals


RootX is designed to reduce the need for mechanical root control. Every component of a septic system can be treated with the chemical without the risk of machine failure or pipe damage to fight root intrusion. The mainline can be treated easily and effectively from a toilet or clean-out. Roots often penetrate tank, lid and riser seams, as well as baffle entries and exits. The chemical can be applied to the drainfield through a clean-out, distribution box or pressure system with special instructions. 800-844-4974;

Root Cutters

Arthur Products Cnt-r-Kut2 EMAX2

The Cnt-r-KUT2 EMAX 2 from Arthur Products is an interchangeable cutter nozzle to clear roots and debris. The centering devices can be modified for custom applications. They help operators tackle tough jobs, including when using drain cleaning nozzles in tight spaces in damaged sewers, according to the maker, and technicians can expect to achieve maximum cleaning spread in drains and other pipes. 800-322-0510;

Southland Tool SRRK-1H  Super Red Hot

The round-body SRRK-1H Super Red Hot heavy-duty-bearing, root-cutting motor from Southland Tool comes with a specially machined, oversized front bearing. The hydraulic root cutter motor allows the user to cut, rip and destroy roots in sewer lines. It is a direct replacement for the Patriot Motor. It produces 14.58 ft-lbs of torque. It has the exact tail thruster to bolt onto green skids or smart-cutter skids. It is available in 1- and 3/4-inch hose models. 714-632-8198;

USB-USA Turbo 0

One of the smallest chain cutters offered by USB-USA, the Turbo 0 utilizes turbine technology and 3D fluid mechanics to deliver cutting and cleaning power. Multiple chain attachments, and rigid guide skids 4 to 6 inches make the removal of roots, grease and mineral deposits easier. The cutter is constructed from hardened stainless steel, comes standard with one-piece ceramic nozzle inserts and is capable of use with recycled water. 844-285-5770;

Truck/Trailer Jetters

American Jetter 51T Series 2040

The 51T Series 2040 trailer jetter from American Jetter offers 20 gpm at 4,000 psi in cold- and hot-water models. Consistent power is provided by dual Kohler electronic fuel injection gasoline engines that create 76 hp, saving up to 20% fuel, while avoiding problems associated with carbureted engines. Low water shutoff prevents pump damage if the optional 330- to 800-gallon tanks run low. Hose reel speed control allows for precise cleaning in both directions. A long-range wireless remote option allows for water on/off, engine shutdown and hose reel control. The heavy-duty square tubing trailer offers standard electric brakes on both axles. 866-944-3569;

Cam Spray CV Series

The CV Series cargo van drain jet from Cam Spray offers diesel-fired hot water for added jetting power. Several models are available up to 4,000 psi and 12 gpm. A triplex plunger pump with power pulse valve provides an extra push when needed. Air purge and recirculation to the tank are provided for freeze protection. It comes with a 5-gallon fuel tank, heavily built, powder-coated frame with full deck, a 130-gallon water capacity, a 12-volt DC reel with 2-1 clutch drive allowing for free spooling and a powered hose return. It is controlled by a push button or foot switch. Accessories include a set of four nozzles, storage box, tip cleaner, tiger tail, safety shield, rubber gloves, high-visibility safety vest, 50-foot washdown hose and trigger gun. 800-648-5011;

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Groundhog Jetter

The Groundhog Jetter from Easy Kleen Pressure Systems is designed to blast through clogged pipes with a 35 hp Vanguard engine providing 12 gpm at 3,500 psi. It is compact and can be transported in a pickup truck or van, with trailer options available. It includes a fully welded, powder-coated 2-inch steel tube frame, drilled and tapped, which houses the 200-gallon water tank. It comes with an accessible breather and 10-gallon fuel tank, General Pump with gearbox drive, 12-volt-powered hose reel with 300 feet of 3/8-inch jetter hose, hose guides, a super swivel and foot-pedal control, emergency shut-off valve and hour meter. Optional remote features include hose reel-in, motor off/speed control and pressure on/off. 800-315-5533;

HotJet USA HotJet II

The HotJet USA HotJet II trailer-mounted jetter is now available with hydraulic hose reels and 37 hp Vanguard fuel-injection engine. Operating with hot or cold water, it runs 12 gpm at 4,000 psi, cleaning 2- to 12-inch lines. The fuel-injected unit is a good alternative between the small output and larger output machines. It comes ready to operate upon delivery with a 330-gallon water tank, detergent tanks and full power-washing capabilities for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing after the job. It is mounted on a 7,000-pound rated tandem-axle trailer (single-axle units are also available). It has a rear control panel and remote control, two HD diamond plate side toolboxes and a front toolbox. 800-624-8186;

Jetters Northwest  Eagle 200

The Eagle 200 midsize trailer jetter series from Jetters Northwest is available in 12 gpm/3,000 psi (model Eagle-200/3012) with 1/2-inch ID jet hose or the 9 gpm/4,000 psi (model Eagle 200/4009) with 3/8-inch ID jet hose. It comes with either a Kawasaki (liquid-cooled) or Kohler (air-cooled) fuel-injected engine, an industrial-duty trailer with brakes for safety and an A-frame tongue that allows it to be towed when full of water. Flat-top fenders allow for additional mounting surface. Chrome wheels give it a sharp appearance. It comes with a super-duty triplex UDOR U.S.A. pump, 12-volt power-wind hose reel with wind-speed controller, 200-gallon water tank, 60-inch lockable tool storage bin, 300 feet of jetting hose on the main 12-volt reel, 100 feet of 3/4-inch water-supply hose on a second reel, adjustable pulsation control and four jetting nozzles. 877-901-1936;

Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment Model 184

The Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment Model 184 comes with a run-dry pump offering 18 gpm at 4,000 psi, a tubular steel frame, corrosion-resistant prepainted subassemblies, state-of-the-art controls, strong hose reel and high-quality gas engine. It is suitable for drain cleaning and sewer jetting, remote access locations, mainlines up to 12 inches in diameter and commercial and industrial lines. The trailer unit comes with a water tank capacity of 300 gallons and standard hose reel capacity of 600 feet of 1/2-inch hose. The trailer setup consists of a 6,000-pound-rated single-axle trailer, and the addition of a wireless remote-control system makes this equipment a true one-man operation. It is also available as a van pack or truck-mounted unit. 815-835-5566;  


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