Rehabilitation and Repair

Rehabilitation and Repair
Lining system saves time in apartment building renovation

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Lining system saves time in apartment building renovation

Problem: An old apartment building in Valencia, California, needed to be gutted and redone. The inspection of the plumbing system determined that the main drainpipe leading to the city sewer system out of the building was buried 5 feet below the concrete floor of the parking garage. While breaking the floor was an option, the cost of doing so was out of the budget. The 8-inch line ran the entire 110 feet of the structure.

Solution: Horn’s Backflow and Plumbing Service selected the Quik Shot lining system supplied by Pipe Lining Supply to install the liner. They opened up an out-of-the-way location on the parking garage floor to use as their single access point for lining. To get in and out in a short amount of time, they elected to heat cure the liner after installation.

Result: Technicians spent less than a day to completely build a new pipe inside the form of the old sewer pipe. 888/354-6464;

Unit helps pull new HDPE pipe through collapsed clay main

Problem: A residential customer in Germantown, Tennessee, was experiencing slow drains. Upon investigating, plumbers found extensive root infiltration in the home’s main sewer line. They also discovered that the house had an old clay pipe that was collapsing and needed total replacement. Due to the condition of the pipe, relining was not an option. There were also several large, mature trees in the front of the home, coupled with a large landscaped berm forming a natural water barrier. Traditional approaches to trenching and replacing the sewer pipe were not possible.

Solution: The Spartan UnderTaker flawlessly pulled the new pipe through the old clay pipe — something that would have been nearly impossible without the proper equipment. In less than three hours, over 90 feet of failing clay sewer main was replaced with a new 4-inch HDPE pipe.

Result: The unit helped the homeowner avoid thousands of dollars in landscaping repairs. The home’s occupants continued to use their sinks, showers and bathroom as the plumbing techs performed repairs on the line. While this was great for the homeowners, it is also a fit for commercial properties, such as supermarkets, where a complete closure would mean the loss of revenue. 800/435-3866;


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