Plumber Product News: Aug. 1, 2017

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry
Plumber Product News: Aug. 1, 2017
Taco Comfort Solutions’ large 00e VR ECM wet rotor commercial circulator line is designed for chilled and hot water applications.

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Taco 00e VR ECM circulator
Taco Comfort Solutions’ large 00e VR ECM wet rotor commercial circulator line is designed for chilled and hot water applications. Available in four sizes, VR 15-3, 20-3, 25-3 and 30-3, it provides differential head pressures up to 42 feet and flows up to 360 gpm. The simple user interface enables setting changes on the face of the pump, eliminating the need for laptop setup. It offers real-time performance readouts for flow, power consumption, speed and head values. Onboard 0 to 10 VDC two-way control adjusts speed or head to meet system demands from external control inputs. 401/942-8000;

A.Y. McDonald fast connect fitting
A.Y. McDonald’s fast connect fittings come in 3/4-inch, 3/4-by-1-inch and 1-inch sizes and use a dual-thread design made from two brass components, two compression gasket assemblies and one plastic spacer. It uses a tighten-to-stop feature and no-lead brass material and is ideal for coupling two pieces of copper or when CTS pipe is required. 800/292-2737;

Noritz prefabricated commercial tankless water heater system
The commercial water heater system from Noritz America combines commercial-grade tankless units with system controllers, manifolds and other necessary components and accessories into fully assembled metal rack systems. The prefabricated system simplifies installation, leaving the connection of the water and gas lines, building the vent runs and setup of the pre-wired system controller. Thirty-six different tack models are available, with inputs from 16,000 to 199,900 Btu per hour and a maximum flow rate up to 11.1 gpm. 877/986-6748;

Bradley Corp. Verge with WashBar
Bradley Corp.’s touchless Verge with WashBar technology system integrates the Verge basin in Evero quartz material with the clean plus rinse plus dry functionality housed in the WashBar feature. The result is a single cohesive design that houses soap, water and dryer and uses LED lighting and icons. It also features a 1-gallon soap container with a low-level LED indicator that replaces the empty container with a new, full container. The dryer is engineered to balance airflow and noise and works in tandem with the bowl to minimize water splashes on the floor. 262/251-6000;

AquaMotion Aqua-Flash hot water recirculation system
The Aqua-Flash from AquaMotion installs quickly under sinks and no under-sink power is required. The hot water recirculator can be fully automatic or timer selected. The timer installs on top of the water heater and is designed for one-pipe systems. A stainless and bronze bypass valve, hose, tee and circulator with timer are included in the system kit. 401/785-3000;

aquatechnik UV Fusion-Tech UV Black PP-RCT 125 piping
Fusion-Tech UV Black PP-RCT 125 and PP-R Super 80 pipe and fittings from aquatechnik feature a UV-resistant additive built into the resins of the outer layer of the pipe and fittings. The pipe meets the certification requirements of the NSF/ANSI 14 standards and may be extruded in diameters from 1/2- to 16-inch. 844/387-4663;

John Guest ProLock end caps
ProLock end caps from John Guest are available in 3/8- to 1-inch CTS sizes, can act as emergency water stoppers, and can also be used for pressure testing rough-ins and temporary cap-off installations. They are manufactured from engineered plastic and are UV-resistant outdoors. Suitable to use with copper, PEX or CPVC pipe, they require no tools to make secure, lead-proof connections. 973/808-5600;

SJE-Rhombus NEX Series duplex control panels
The SJE-Rhombus NEX Series control panel product line includes single-phase duplex models designed to alternately control two 120, 208 or 240 VAC pumps in water and sewage applications. The alternating action equalizes pump wear. If an alarm condition occurs, a switch activates the audible and visual alarm system, providing overriding control should either pump fail. The compact design of the NEMA 4X indoor/outdoor rated enclosure is ideal for residential water and wastewater applications. The panel is UL/cUL listed and is available with or without SJE Signal Master control switches and elapsed time meters. 888/342-5753;


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