Case Studies - July 2021

Case Studies - July 2021

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Residential filter system addresses numerous issues with local water conditions

Problem: Yuma, Arizona, has a water hardness level between 18 and 22 grains per gallon. A family of five has been dealing with hard water issues in their home for years. These issues range from limescale buildup on all faucets, showerheads and appliances as well as bad-tasting water due to the municipality using chlorine to disinfect source water.

Solution: The family decided to invest in their home by purchasing the Aquasure Signature Elite Series Whole House Water Filter System to resolve issues with the water condition and quality coming into the home. This system addresses hard water by utilizing a pre-filter to help reduce any sediment. The water then enters the first tank, where the copper-zinc and coconut activated carbon reduces chlorine, odors, pesticides and more. The water then travels through the resin tank to address hardness through the process of ion-exchange, preventing calcium and magnesium from entering the system. A separate brine tank sits alongside to perform regeneration at different intervals. Finally, the reverse osmosis system purifies the water to provide the fresh, clean tasting for drinking and for cooking. 

Result: Now that the family has addressed their hard water issues, they no longer worry about damaging limescale in their appliances and water fixtures. The reverse osmosis system has also had a positive effect on their health. Additionally, since the water tastes better, each member has been drinking more of it. 800-661-0680;

Multiport drain adapter serves as a ‘power strip’ for drain connections

Problem: An Ohio-based plumber was frustrated by running out of space for multiple drain connections. Because appliances like water-treatment systems, beverage machines, dishwashers and washing machines all require drain connections, it was easy to run out of space fast. Further, local code requirements recently mandated air gaps for every drain connection, so he had to configure custom solutions that were costly and inconvenient.

Solution: The plumber now installs a DrainHub Multi-Port Drain Adapter from Vista Water Group on every job where multiple drain connections are required or may be necessary in the future. Available in two-, four- and eight-port models, the code-certified adapter features 1/2-inch threaded ports that accept a variety of push-to-connect, compression and hose barb adapter fittings. For installations that require air gaps, a model with an integrated air gap accommodates up to four drain connections to ensure code compliance and minimize splashing.

Result: The plumber and his customers now save space, cost and time while ensuring compliance with local plumbing codes by accommodating multiple drain connections in one small hub that enables expansion of drain-connection capacity for future installations. 480-462-2707;

Contractor sees less exposure to risk on water heater jobs through training/practice

Problem: A Midwestern contractor had fewer lost hours from water heater injuries after searching/purchasing Hot Rod Hand Truck & Strap Kits for their employees. However, they were still having to devote additional resources to other jobs, even though the kits were ordered to help solve the issue. Risk of injury during lifting the tanks was brought down when the new tools were actually used the field, but the bottom-line goal was not being met.

Solution: The contractor’s original research was correct. The Hot Rod Hand Truck from Wolf Valley Tools, with its accompanying strap kit, is a good fit for residential water heaters on platforms, even in tight spaces. It makes the water heater work in the plumber’s favor instead of against. However, employees had not trained themselves as suggested, and weren’t using the new tools to their potential. The contractor contacted the manufacturer and was immediately sent training materials. During a safety meeting, they discovered that employees had been training themselves on the job, only one job at a time. Using the training materials, the shop manager supervised a dedicated session where every employee collaborated and got multiple repetitions with their kits. Employees subsequently needed less help and were less prone to injury, and the bottom line went up.

Result: The bottom line has been increased, and the contractor is seeing less exposure to risk or injury. 951-609-4276;

High-efficiency tankless water heater meets needs at birthing center

Problem: The midwives at the Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Center in San Diego use warm water to fill birth tubs and provide gentle relief during labor. With a tank water heater, the center would be paying more money for less efficiency while likely running out of warm water in the middle of a birth. Also, given its location on the second level, the size of a tank water heater wouldn’t provide enough room for the amount of hot-water storage required.

Solution: These factors made the decision to switch to a tankless heater much easier. “Water is our biggest coping mechanism in the birth setting,” says owner Allison Tartari. “This is why one of Tourmaline’s first construction concerns was finding a water heater that could provide this level of hot water continuously.” After a conversation with a technical expert, not only did Tourmaline get the right model recommendation from Tankless Specialist of Arnett’s Water Systems, Eric Arnett — a EZ111, a high-efficiency (0.96 UEF), condensing unit with a capacity range of up to 11 gallons of hot water per minute — but the product and components were fully donated by the manufacturer, Noritz America.

Result: “We’ve had no issues with our new tankless water heater – truly one of the only aspects of the opening I can say that about,” says Maral Shabak, Tourmaline co-founder. “It’s really a blessing for us and, even more so, for the moms in our care.” 714-433-2905;

Plumber seeks sound plumbing solution for rural waterfront home

Problem: When Jimie Yearwood of Yearwood Plumbing was tasked with plumbing a two-story, three-bathroom waterfront home in a secluded area of North Georgia, he knew he needed to use a reliable plumbing system. “[The customer was] not close to town, so it would take an hour at least to respond to a plumbing emergency,” Yearwood said. “If we’re making a trip down there for any leaks or warranty issues, we’re losing money. We want to make sure everything is right before we leave.”

Solution: With durability and efficiency in mind, he decided to complete the installation with SharkBite’s EvoPEX push-to-connect plumbing system. EvoPEX minimizes installation errors and leaks with fittings that display a green indicator when the PEX pipe is properly inserted. And because the system doesn’t require special tools or time-consuming installation techniques, jobs don’t take as much time — or labor. The Yearwood Plumbing team finished the installation in just three hours. It would have taken them five to six hours if they had used traditional CPVC and crimping tools.

Result: “We loved it,” Yearwood says. “It was the quickest water installation I’ve ever done. There were a few places that would have been hard to get to with standard crimp tools. The push-fit fittings with EvoPEX were very simple and made the struggle go away.” 770-863-4083;  


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