Owners Should Devote Some Time to Working With Team

Take time to work with your team one-on-one to build a love and dedication to the industry and your company

I’ve said it before in this column, but I enjoy it when I hear from our readers. I’ll get an email from a reader telling me about his or her business, how they entered the industry, or about a job they took on.

Last year Steve Peña, owner of Valley Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Mesilla, New Mexico, reached out to me to introduce himself and sent along a photo of some old plumbing tools.

Those tools were his dads when he first started the company in the 1960s. You could tell in Steve’s email that he was proud of his company, proud of the tools he had on display, and thoroughly enjoyed working in the industry.


Steve took over the company from his dad and mom in the early 2000s and decided to keep it a small operation.

We’ve run profiles on companies that are both huge and small in the pages of Plumber magazine over the last few years. They all have one thing in common typically — the love for the industry and the dedication to customers they serve.

You can see that love for what they do in how the businesses are run. Those who truly care about the industry and what they do are typically more professional; they take pride in what they do for their customers and their own employees.

Having that love and dedication for what you do is what your customers will see before anything else. If I am looking for a plumber, I want someone who enjoys what he or she does and not someone who is going to hate every minute of it and not do quality work.


Having a team that shows that dedication and love for what they do each day starts at the top, with the owner of the company. That individual needs to show that themselves and then train the rest of the staff to have that dedication.

It really isn’t that hard. Sit the crew down, tell and show them how you expect them to be on job sites, why you feel it’s important for them to be that way and tell them why you have that dedication to the industry.

If you do that enough, the crew will start to buy into it, and it will pay off for your company. Your customers will see the quality work being done by dedicated staff and they’ll want to keep coming to your plumbing company.

In a normal year the owner of the company and their crews could attend trade shows to start building that dedication and getting some training in, but with the COVID-19 pandemic many of those trade shows aren’t being held now or have gone all digital.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop with the training. The crews can still undergo training on their own. Have a more experienced plumber go out with a less experienced one and teach them. Have the owner go out with their crew and see what needs to be improved.

Use this time that you might have on your hands now and put it back into your company by way of training and working with your crews more closely.


As I said at the start, I enjoy hearing from you. Let me know about your company or a job you’re working on. Email me at editor@plumbermag.com or call 715-350-8436.

Enjoy this issue! 


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