Expense Management Software Eliminates Monotonous Office Tasks

Taking advantage of technology that makes you more efficient in the office can help you focus more on your main business priorities

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When a customer is faced with a busted pipe or broken toilet, they expect a plumber to drop everything at a moment’s notice and get the plumbing of their home or business flowing smoothly again. Because a plumber’s main priority is serving customers, certain time-consuming administrative tasks sometimes take a backseat.

That’s why it is vital to take advantage of the right technology to better manage and stay on top of daily operations. By automating the management of invoices, expense receipts and other important business documents from the office, job site or wherever the business takes them, plumbers can save time on everyday tasks, like data entry. Adopting technology into your business can reduce risk, protect you from tax audits, and affords you the opportunity to focus on taking on new clients and ultimately boosting the bottom line.

When considering new technology to streamline the expense management workflow, plumbers should consider modern business software that includes a mobile app so that the most critical financial data, such as customer invoices, is accessible from the palm of a hand. The goal should be to lessen financial and administrative burdens, and more importantly, it should simply integrate within the business’ existing accounting and bookkeeping workflow.                                    

Some key features to be on the lookout for when considering new expense management technology are:

Mobile capture

From invoices to expense receipts, plumbers are flooded with business documents that are essential to success, but often end up crumpled in a ball on the floor of a truck or stuffed into an easily forgotten folder. The most advanced expense management solutions should transform a smartphone’s camera into a mobile scanner, giving plumbers the ability to capture important financial information, like totals, dates and vendor names, from expense receipts and invoices at exactly the time they’re handed over.

Integrate with advanced accounting software

Many plumbers use accounting software like QuickBooks or Sage One to manage finances, so to maximize the value of the expense management software, plumbers will want to install a solution that integrates with the most popular accounting software. Implementing a streamlined expense management solution not only cuts down on the time-consuming data entry process, but also provides plumbers and their bookkeepers with peace of mind, knowing all the correct data points are being entered into the correct fields.

Cloud capabilities

In today’s always-connected business world, owners and employees need constant access to their most important business documents, which is why cloud storage capabilities are key to any expense management solution. Search capabilities within the expense management software makes it easy to pull up existing data points and documents previously uploaded. In addition to providing access to key financial information anywhere and at any time, the cloud also boosts collaboration between bosses, employees and customers by making it easy to share documents with the click of a button, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page.

By updating expense management workflow, plumbers will see results immediately and particularly appreciate the increased organizational benefits, as well as the financial insights it can bring forward. Initially, changing the way a business task is done can be an intimidating undertaking, but by simply updating the expense management workflow, plumbers will be able to spend less time in the office and more time meeting their customers’ needs. 

About the Author

Matt Toth is the sales director at The Neat Co., a Philadelphia-based business software company. Visit www.neat.com.


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