Attracting the Younger Generation

Plumbers need to do their part in helping the industry grow by explaining the benefits of the trade.

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Jeff Logan knew from an early age that he wanted to be a plumber. He grew up watching his dad work in the industry and saw the love he had for it.
Many of you came into the industry the same way Jeff did.

But if not from family, where will future plumbers come from? As many contractors have said on these pages, the industry is struggling to find new blood. Do you have trouble recruiting qualified employees, or even people willing to learn the trade? Are you doing your part to fix this?

If you wonder how you can help, the answer is simple — brag about the job you do. Take some time throughout the year to go to career days at schools or talk to Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops or other youth groups.

Tell them all the great things about the industry and why you enjoy it so much. All they know are the stereotypes they’ve seen — you know what they are. How do you sell the younger generation on becoming plumbers? Here a few talking points:
Job stability. Plumbers in a way are like doctors: Everyone everywhere will always need them. A good plumber can always find employment, and the job can’t be outsourced.

Less student loan debt. College students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Choosing a trade like plumbing often means you can attend vocational school or a community college for less money. Then enter an apprenticeship where you’re paid while you learn the trade.

Advancement opportunities. Ask the kids if they want to be laborers forever or someday grow up to be the boss. Plumbing is a licensed and regulated trade, and you can work all the way up the master level if you have the ambition. At that level you’ll have a higher salary, more job flexibility and more opportunities than in many other professions.

Job variety. You’ll run across something new every day on the job. You might do a home repair job one day, new construction the next, and later work in a factory or on a municipal system.

Job satisfaction. You really do save lives. Without good plumbing systems to deliver clean water, we would all be at risk of catching potentially fatal diseases. Keeping the plumbing systems in our homes and cities in good working order is a worthy task that protects our health.

These are just some of the many things you can tell the students. Who knows, you could find yourself a future employee!

You can read more about Jeff Logan and his company, Scenic City Plumbing of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in this issue.


How are you trying to make the industry better? Tell me what community projects or programs your company is helping with. Email me at or call 800/257-7222.

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