Case Studies - September 2020

Case Studies - September 2020

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Nozzle used to help clear major line backup

Problem: All County Plumbing in San Diego visited a local store that had been having major backups. The plumbing company was called in for a second opinion on a particularly difficult event where another company had quoted the store more than $50,000 for repairs and to fix a broken line.

Solution: All County Plumbing hooked up its jetter with a 1/2-inch Reaper nozzle from Hydra-Flex to flush out the line and inspect it with a camera. The Reaper’s rotating front jet is a 0-degree, straight water stream that blasts at up to 4,000 psi while rotating. Optimized stream quality results in greater impingement, allowing the use of one tool for various applications (cutting, cleaning, removal, etc.). The Reaper’s four rear jets create a 20-degree angle for maximum thrusting and pulling power. The nozzle comes in a 3/8-inch inlet (sizes 6.0, 9.0 and 12.0), as well as a 1/2-inch inlet (sizes 12.0, 15.0, 18.0 and 24.0).

Result: The report came back clean. There was no broken line. The Reaper flushed it clear of all debris, and the store did not need to fix its line. 952-808-3640;

Cutting nozzle enables plumber to solve massive root problem

Problem: California plumber Nick Krewson with San Diego Drain Krew was called to service a storm drain at a residential home. There were two root intrusions infiltrating through the joints and the roof gutter tie-ins that created a large horsetail and root masses. For the plumber’s customer, this was the last attempt to remedy the root issue before digging up the line in the backyard pool area. 

Solution: Using a US Jetting 4018 with a 1/2-inch WT nozzle from Warthog Nozzles by StoneAge at 18 to 21 gpm and 3,500 psi, Krewson was able to cut the large root intrusions and pull them out of the storm drain. The roots were so massive that it took three to five minutes to get through each one to cut them out. 

Result: The Warthog nozzle was able to successfully remove these huge root masses without any breaks or damage to the pipes. Krewson’s customer saved thousands of dollars by not having to rip up concrete, which would have included the whole left side of the house. 866-795-1586; 


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