Case Studies: Inspection, Location and Leak Detection

Case Studies: Inspection, Location and Leak Detection

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Inspection camera able to reach all needed areas

Problem: A midwestern drain cleaner that specializes in residential work was having an issue inspecting galvanized lines in a house. The company had a micro-drain camera it was using, but it was only able to navigate about 50% of the inspection areas.  

Solution: After reviewing some information and videos on the Miniflex plumbing camera from Medit, the contractor called to discuss this unit and arranged a demo. In a bathroom sink, the Miniflex was able to go right into the drain and snake the line. In the tub, which was a plastic-lined pipe that turned into galvanized, the plumbing camera went in both ways to 7 feet. In the kitchen, which was solely plastic piping, both units worked.

Result: The contractor appreciated the fact that the Miniflex is a compact all-in-one design, and has a sonde built into the small camera head so the technician can locate it behind walls or under the floor. It was also the only unit that worked for the inspection of the older galvanized lines and navigated through bends in them. The company purchased a Miniflex unit. 800-239-9934;  


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