Focus: New Construction — Sump Pumps and Controls

Focus: New Construction — Sump Pumps and Controls
The PHCC Pro Series PS-C33 combination primary and backup sump pump from Glentronics.

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Sump pumps are an important safety feature in a lot of new construction, and they’re required in some areas. Consider these options on your next job.

Glentronics PHCC Pro Series PS-C33
The PHCC Pro Series PS-C33 combination primary and backup sump pump from Glentronics is designed for use with wet cell or maintenance-free batteries and has remote terminals for connection to a home security system or auto-dialer. Pre-assembled for easy installation, the primary pump can evacuate 3,000 gph at 10 feet TDH. The backup can pump 2,400 gph at 10 feet TDH, switching automatically to battery power when AC fails. The monitoring controller detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on the control panel. 800/991-0466;

Goulds Water Technology High Temp Sump Pump
The High Temp Sump Pump from Goulds Water Technology - a xylem brand, is designed for extended life under extreme operating conditions. It can pump corrosive or non-corrosive, clear or solids-laden liquids, and has silicon carbide mechanical seal faces and all cast iron construction. The single-phase 1/3 hp pump motor has class B insulation and is rated for continuous operation when fully submerged. The cast iron impeller is semi-open and non-clog, with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection, a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel shaft and 300 Series stainless steel fasteners. 866/325-4210;

RIDGID sump pump
Sump pumps from RIDGID have heavy-duty cast iron construction, high-efficiency design and hassle-free setup. Their AdvanTEXT Cellular Flood Monitoring detects problems like power outages and rising water, alerting homeowners to issues via text messages. The pumps have two-way communication, as the user can send a text message to get a status update, as well as receive text messages in the event of high water or a power outage. The monitoring system is sold as a stand-alone alarm that is compatible with any sump or sewage pump on the market, or as integrated pump and cellular alarm units that install easily through a single power cord. 800/769-7743;

See Water Dial a Time
The Dial a Time control from See Water is designed to control pumps with ratings up to 16 full-load amps. The compact, solid-state technology has no moving parts to become tangled, ensuring the proper evacuation of water. This is an ideal control for sump pump basins and any confined-space application that requires consistent liquid-level control. With a limitless pumping range, it can be set to pump from seconds to hours. It has been tested for the frequent cycling of sump pumps, and has performed this action over 2 million cycles without failure. 888/733-9283;


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