Florida Plumbers Embark on Mission to Nicaragua

Eight-member team will build homes and install water filtration systems during four-week trip.
Florida Plumbers Embark on Mission to Nicaragua
SPT members stand in front of an existing house within the community.

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Members of a Florida plumbing company are volunteering to build houses in Nicaragua as part of a four-week mission trip organized by Waves of Love, a Christian faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping people in need. Waves of Love was chosen because of its mission and the fact the organization assists with the planning and scheduling of day-to-day operations, says Alyscia Sutch, marketing and public relations manager for Nu Flow Technologies, an Aquam subsidiary.

Founded by Michael and Paula Lindsey, Waves of Love is located in Sarasota, Florida, with a base camp in Popoyo, Nicaragua, about two-and-a-half hours south of Managua.

The goal of the 5-acre community is to become self-sustaining, growing its own produce and raising its own animals. It has about 150 banana and plantation trees, mango trees and other fruits and vegetables; goats for milk, cheese and soap; and chickens for eggs and natural pest control.

During its four-week mission, eight members of the Specialized Plumbing Technologies (SPT) team from Sarasota will help build five brick houses with outdoor kitchens and two outhouses.

SPT will also install individual water filtration systems and connect them to the community’s well. Water is delivered to a 55-gallon barrel with five filter taps that will provide the community’s 25 residents with clean drinking water for about 10 years. 

“Having the opportunity to give back to a community in need anywhere in the world is a rewarding experience,” says Justin Mizell, executive vice president, Aquam Corporation, and former SPT owner. “It allows us to give back, and it challenges our company to work as a team to provide others with basic life necessities.” 

Aquam is providing $15,000 for the project, in addition to travel and wages for its employees.

The team deployed May 7 with a portion returning May 15. Two team members will remain until May 27 to help with the project.

“We were only able to get a couple of the houses accomplished while we were there,” Mizell says. “They were about 80 percent done when we left. What we do is we work with the locals so we don’t take jobs from them. We assist them by getting them started. A house keeps them employed for about 10 days.”

This is the third trip to Nicaragua for Mizell’s son, JJ, an SPT employee, and the first mission for Aquam.

“We’re very philanthropic. We have several missions that we’re involved in,” Mizell says. “Basically, we go down prior to any type of support and verify boots on the ground and make sure any type of work that is said being done, is being done. We went down about four years ago and vetted Waves of Love. A lot of charities put a lot of money toward administrative costs, but this one is less than 1 percent. It’s truly a charity of love.”

Mizell, 43, is also involved with missions in Mexico, a hospital in El Salvador, an orphanage in Costa Rica, as well as numerous domestic projects, including Habitat for Humanity and Easter Seals.

“It’s my passion,” says Mizell, a journeyman plumber.

Aquam’s involvement with Waves of Love began with the purchase of SPT on Sept. 21, 2015.

“We were Nu Flow’s largest licensee,” Mizell says of the company he owned since 2000. “When Aquam acquired Nu Flow Technologies, they came after us.”

Formerly Sleuth Plumbing Technologies, the company was founded in 1994 and rebranded three years ago as Specialized Plumbing Technologies. It has locations in Sarasota, Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Naples, Florida; as well as San Diego, California. In addition to trenchless pipe restoration, the company’s services include video pipe inspections, storm drain cleaning and sewer/rodent odor detection plumbing.

For more information on Waves of Love, see the video below:


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