Focus: Drain Cleaning – Root and Grease Control

Focus: Drain Cleaning – Root and Grease Control
Lenzyme/Trap-Cleer foaming root control

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Chemical control options can provide good long-term solutions to root and grease problems in drain and lateral lines. Adding these weapons to your arsenal will give you a more comprehensive set of options for opening clogged lines and keeping them clear.

Root Control Chemicals

Lenzyme/Trap-Cleer Root Control

Foaming Root Control from Lenzyme/Trap-Cleer has double the dichlobenil active ingredient of previous solutions and a latex base that helps it stick to roots longer. It is easy to apply and provides a slower foaming action to coat the entire pipeline and eliminate fast foam-over messes. 800/223-3083;

Olvidium Oblitiroot
Oblitiroot foaming sewer line root control from Olvidium uses the maximum amount of active ingredient dichlobenil allowed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It comes in two pouches which, when combined, create a sticky foam with a latex base that can be applied through the clean-out or in the toilet bowl. The latex makes it stick to pipes and roots, which causes the dichlobenil vapor to remain in the line to kill roots longer. 855/782-4531;

RootX dry-powdered formula can be applied with sewer cleaning equipment or directly from the package. Just add water to the formula to create root-killing foam that will kill the roots it comes in contact with and leave a residual to stunt new growth for a long period of time. The simplicity of the application means crews can perform root control on-demand and professional drain cleaners have a powerful tool to add to their business. It is registered with the EPA for both sanitary and storm use (EPA Reg. No. 68464). 800/844-4974;

The Vaporooter scientific formula destroys roots on contact and inhibits regrowth for years. It contains two unique herbicides that penetrate root cells to destroy roots on contact while binding to pipe walls, joints and cracks to inhibit new growth. Computerized application equipment allows operators to jet up the line, push a button and fill the pipe with foam while retrieving the hose. The application system fits any jet truck and is available as an option from many truck manufacturers. 800/841-1444;

Grease Chemicals/Grease Control

BioStim MicroDrip

MicroDrip from BioStim combats fat, oil and grease in drainlines located in restaurants and other food-related facilities. The concentrated formula is a blend of microbes and contains no caustic or corrosive chemicals, free enzymes, emulsifiers or surfactants. Regular use virtually eliminates foul odor and organic buildup caused by grease in drainlines. It enhances preventive maintenance programs, making future cleaning simpler, easier and more effective. The compact metering system delivers the exact concentration needed at all times. It takes one minute, once a month, to change the cartridge. No manual cleaning or jetting of drainlines is required. 800/338-8812;

Canplas Endura XL
The Endura XL hydromechanical grease interceptor from Canplas is designed for convenient cleaning and service access. A dynamic inlet baffle allows self-cleaning of upstream blockages and easy access to the flow control, even when buried at depths up to 10 feet. Pre-plumbed with three outlet options and an integral sampling port, it includes an outlet well system to minimize discharge of solids beyond the interceptor. It is available in two models — a 75 gpm (XL75) and a 100 gpm (XL100) — with working liquid capacities of 156 and 257 gallons, respectively. Both are designed to support installation in remote pumping applications. 888/461-5307;

Chempace Sewer Foam
Sewer Foam high-foaming sewer and drainline cleaner and degreaser from Chempace Corporation — when combined with the high-pressure water of a jet truck — is designed to clean all types of grease and organics from sewer and drainlines. The foam incorporates a long-lasting bacterial treatment to assist in solids and odor reduction. It is concentrated at 2 ounces per gallon, is non-caustic and safe for all pipes and jet trucks. 800/423-5350;

Duke’s Root Control Jet Power II
Jet Power II grease liquefier from Duke’s Root Control is noncorrosive, biodegradable, nonacidic and non-caustic, and will not damage sewage treatment plants, pump stations or sewer jet trucks. Its surfactants leave the sewer virtually grease-free after just one pass. It is jet-sprayed upstream from the affected pipe in a 1 percent solution mixed in a high-pressure jet truck. Only 10 gallons are needed to produce 1,000 gallons of solution that will treat approximately 1,000 feet of sewer pipe. The treatment requires 10 to 15 minutes to liquefy grease. When jet spraying, pressure should be set to maximum psi and reel speed, and a rotating nozzle is recommended. The hose can be stopped at the upstream manhole, at which point the water pressure is turned off. Roughly 10 minutes later the grease is homogenized and pipes will be virtually grease-free. 800/447-6687;


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