Plumber Product News: December 2019

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry

Plumber Product News: December 2019

BrassCraft’s dual outlet is a supply stop designed for running two supply lines from a single inlet.

BrassCraft dual outlet supply stop
BrassCraft’s dual outlet is a supply stop designed for running two supply lines from a single inlet. In commercial settings, it is ideal where there are multiple workstations in close proximity. This enables installers to efficiently supply two fixtures with a single water stop. With a turn of the handle, the shut-off stops the flow of water leading to a specific plumbing fixture or appliance without shutting off the water to the other fixture, making repairs easier. The one-piece brass body provides strength and durability, and it is compatible with copper or PEX. The easy-to-remove handle protects against accidental operation during rough-ins. 877-272-7755;

Genemis Laboratories ExactBlue microbial water testing
Genemis Laboratories of America’s ExactBlue is a smartphone-based system that uses nanotechnology to detect bacteria, E. coli andLegionnaires. It uses specially created gold nanoparticles with a shape and charge designed to efficiently attach to the cell membrane of bacteria and other microorganisms. Originally designed for monitoring microbial levels and biofilm information for drinking water applications, it has extended into other applications where fresh water is utilized, including well water, cooling towers, water towers, homes, hotels, spas, agriculture, swimming pools, hot water tanks and piping. 866-574-8929;

American Standard Ultima diaphragm flush valves
Ultima diaphragm flush valves from American Standard are built to reduce maintenance and save water in commercial applications. The flush valves, available for commercial urinals and toilets, feature DynaClean technology, engineered to stop valve run-on. Each valve has a DynaClean wiper spring, which cleans the refill orifice with every flush. The wiper spring keeps the orifice clear of debris and mineral build-up, helping to deliver maximum performance with every flush while saving on water usage and maintenance costs. The valves are equipped with an EvoLast Diaphragm, made with a premium chlorine-resistant material that resists premature deterioration and failure from water treatment chemicals. 800-442-1902;

AquaMotion Aqua-Flash AMK-UK valve kit
The AMK-UK universal brass and stainless valve kit from AquaMotion has a bi-metal coil that provides 90 degrees F hot water to every faucet. It does not require power under the sink. The all-metal construction eliminates plastic valve problems, and it can handle larger pump pressures up to 21 feet of head. The kit includes valve, hose and tee and can be installed quickly into the cold angle stop. 

Navien NFB-C commercial fire tube boilers
NFB-C commercial sized fire tube boilers from Navien are available in two sizes: the 201 Mbh NFB-301C and the 399 Mbh NFB-399C. The heat exchanger is form-pressed and robotic-laser-welded to minimize the number of weak points that could be prone to thermal stress and corrosion. Oval shaped tubes within the heat exchanger contain internal turbulators designed to improve both the heat transfer rate and the structural integrity of the assembly. A specific water flow is generated by baffles inside the heat exchanger to extract the maximum amount of heat from flue gases while the nonmetallic base provides additional protection against corrosion caused by acidic condensate. Optional accessories allow each NFB-C boiler to connect to building management systems through Modbus, BACnet or LonWorks protocols. 949-420-0420;

Emerson ASCO lead-free brass valves
Emerson has expanded the options available on its ASCO lead-free brass solenoid valve line to enable original equipment manufacturers and contractors to comply with U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act Section 1417. The product line expansion includes larger pipe sizes up to 2 inches, normally open constructions, and next generation electronically enhanced coil options with low-power and voltage-ranging features. The ASCO Series 210 model will now be available with both normally open and normally closed constructions. An optional Next Generation electronically enhanced coil will offer customers lower power consumption and voltage-ranging options for both AC and DC constructions. The valves carry UL Listing certification and are NSF 372 compliant. 800-972-2726;

Ranger Design Partskeeper cases and cabinets
Partskeeper cases and cabinets are designed for contractors to store and organize small parts and tools. The cases are rugged and durable and have been put through rigorous strength tests. They come in a clear hard plastic cover with snaps along the sides that allow them to be stacked on top of one another for easier transport. The cabinets have been updated with branded black end panels to allow for more rigidity and overall resilience. They come in four different sizes, ranging from a single case carrier to an 8-case cabinet to contain a wider variety of tools. 800-565-5321;


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