Product Focus - January 2020

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Bradford White Water Heaters Brute FT

Bradford White Water Heaters’ Brute FT wall-hung boiler and combination boiler/water heater has modulating technology that automatically adjusts fuel usage to match heat demand, saving up to 20% on heating utility bills. It is Energy Star rated for ultra-high efficiency of up to 95% AFUE. It includes advanced, easy-to-use integrated controls with an outdoor reset, built-in gas leak detection and an integrated indirect tank for domestic hot-water performance. It is environmentally friendly with low NOx emissions and can be vented up to 100 feet in PVC, CPVC and polypropylene. It is available as a combination heat/water heater or space heating only, in either natural gas or propane. 800-523-2931;

Dunkirk DCBF-125

The Dunkirk DCBF-125 combi and space heating boiler has Artificial Intelligence Control Technology. With this innovation, the boiler automatically calibrates with the touch of two buttons. The onboard combustion control recognizes natural or LP gas, then continuously monitors the flame signal and adjusts gas and airflow to optimize efficiency and fuel savings. It has a stainless steel heat exchanger and offers AFUE of 95%. The firing rate modulates up to 7-1 turndown ratio in domestic hot water mode and 5.7-1 turndown modulation ratio in heating mode. It is rated at 125 mBh in central heating mode. 315-797-1310;

LAARS Heating Systems Pennant

Pennant boilers and volume water heaters from LAARS Heating Systems include the LAARS Linc intuitive control system with color touch screen. It has an easy-to-navigate icon control structure, quick-start option, USB input, BACnet connectivity and performance metrics displayed on the home screen. Also included is an auto cascade feature that automatically configures up to eight Pennant units. The cascade feature includes auto redundancy — if the lead unit drops out, the remaining will continue to operate. They are available in seven sizes from 500 to 2,000 mBh, natural or LP gas, thermal efficiency levels up to 85% and stage firing of up to 4-1. Systems also qualify as low-NOx emission-rated, below 10 ppm. They can be vented from the top or back, installed indoors or outdoors, and racked on top of each other for up to 4,000 mBh in a small footprint. 800-900-9276;

Triangle Tube Instinct 

The Instinct from Triangle Tube is a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger, ASME certified and pressure rated to 50 psi. It is available in both Solo and Combi models. Combi sizes are available in 155 and 199 mBh. Solo sizes come in 110, 155 and 199 mBh and can be cascaded up to six boilers. Solo boilers can be paired with Ginius or Smart tanks to provide an abundance of hot water. CTRLMAX Control System-EZ Setup allows for a quick, 60-second setup. They have easy troubleshooting in plain text with no codes. A three-in-one universal vent adapter directly accepts PVC. A large plate heat exchanger provides 5-plus gpm while fully condensing in domestic hot water mode. 856-228-8881; .

Weil-McLain Stainless Vertical Firetube boiler

Weil-McLain has added four larger sizes to its advanced, energy-efficient Stainless Vertical Firetube (SVF) commercial boiler line that offers thermal efficiency up to 96.8%. The line now includes Btu sizes of 1,500, 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 mBh that join the existing 750 and 1,100 Btu configurations. The high-efficiency line offers ease of installation and maintenance, a clover-shaped stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger for corrosion resistance, the intuitive and user-friendly Unity control system, and design reliability and longevity. Cost- and timesaving features include integrated roller casters and leveling legs; standard “door-fit” envelope size, hinged cover-plate with heat exchanger access hatch; serviceable condensate base/tray; and adjustable height control panel with specific design to accommodate full flow primary variable systems and zero-clearance boiler room applications. 800-654-2109;


Noritz America NWCC Wi-Fi Adapter

The Noritz America NWCC Wi-Fi Adapter is an organized, web-based dashboard and alarm system that gives property managers and maintenance technicians full online control over their commercial tankless water heater systems. The adapter keeps managers current via multisite monitoring and site-specific notifications, alarms sent directly to designated individuals, timely service-schedule alerts and valuable troubleshooting insights. All relevant, actionable error information is sent via email or text. A dedicated mobile app is also available for access via smartphone or tablet. 714-433-2905;

SJE Rhombus Select Start Starter Box

Select Start Starter Boxes from SJE Rhombus provide a reliable means of controlling one 208-volt AC three-phase motor, one 240-volt AC three-phase motor, one 480-volt AC three-phase motor or one 575-volt AC three-phase motor in water, wastewater and sewage installations. They use a wide-angle float switch to activate a combination motor controller to turn the motor on and off in Auto Mode and have an adjustable overload that allows for easy adjustment of motor overload current. Common applications include pump chambers, sump pump basins, irrigation systems, lift stations and air compressor systems. 888-342-5753;

tekmar Control Systems zone valve control models

Switching relay and zone valve control models from tekmar Control Systems - part of Watts Water Technologies are available in two-zone pumps, three-zone pumps, three-zone valves and five-zone valves. The switching relays and zone valve controls are compatible with all low-voltage thermostats and offer a variety of benefits for homeowners including unlimited expansion; exercising, which prevents pumps from seizing during the summer; zone priority; and priority override to protect homes from freezing during the winter months. The switching relays and zone valve controls also send out a RoomResponse signal to automatically adjust boiler temperatures to improve comfort, conserve energy and save money. 250-545-7749;


Champion-Arrowhead REDIGRIP fittings

REDIGRIP fittings from Champion-Arrowhead are lead-free, easy to use and allow for quick connection of copper pipes, CPVC and PEX tubing. Similar to the way regular compression fittings work, the fittings are an easy way to connect pipes without soldering or using clamps, unions or glue. Just measure the depth of the push-fit on the pipe, cut the pipe and smooth it with an anti-burring tool. Then push on the push-connect. If a mistake is made, the fittings are easily removed with a push-fit disconnect tool. Constructed with lead-free brass, they are corrosion-resistant and reliable in any plumbing situation. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet most residential plumbing needs. 800-332-4267;

Neutra-Safe CN2-220V Condensate Neutralizer

CN2-220V Condensate Neutralizers from Neutra-Safe are designed to serve high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances. They have a clear tube for fast, simple visual inspection of neutralization media without disassembly. Integral unions and O-ring seals are used at each end for a leak-proof seal and ease of installation and service. The neutralization media, Neutra-pH blend of 99% pure calcite and magnesium oxide, provides efficient neutralization. It eliminates clumps that can clog traditional neutralizers. They can be installed in either horizontal or vertical configurations and can be used on most residential applications. 781-616-3951;

SharkBite Radiant Heating Manifold

The SharkBite Radiant Heating Manifold saves time and improves installation conditions by removing the need for tools in tight connection areas while also reducing the time required to connect loops. Pipes from the manifolds can be removed from ports as necessary and are easier to attach than traditional connection methods. 877-700-4242;


Caleffi North America CONTECA

The CONTECA from Caleffi North America is a heat energy meter designed to measure and record thermal energy usage in residential and commercial buildings. It measures heating only, cooling only or both heating and cooling energy. It has an eight-digit LCD that enables easy reading of Btu rate, Btu consumed, temperatures and flow, and it has four universal pulse inputs for water, gas or electrical meter inputs. The meter logs daily and monthly-totalized data for local viewing and has integral RS485 protocol two-wire communication for network communication. Up to 250 meters can connect to one data logger in a stand-alone network, or it can be used with a Modbus or BACnet building automation system. It is easy to install and commission, and it is certified to ASTM E3137/E3137M-17 Standard Specification for Heat Meter Instruments by ICC-ES and Directive 2014/32/EU EN 1434 (MI 004). 414-238-2360;

Hydronic Heating 

Taco Comfort Solutions 4900 Series magnetic dirt separator

The 4900 Series magnetic dirt separator from Taco Comfort Solutions provides dual-action dirt separation for closed-loop hydronic heating systems. Both the hydronic component life cycle and efficiency are improved with the use of an effective dirt separation system. It uses a powerful 13,000-gauss magnet in addition to PALL ring technology to efficiently separate microscopic particles including dirt and magnetite from hydronic fluid with minimal pressure loss. The unit is easily cleaned by opening a valve at the bottom of the vessel. Available sizes range from 3/4 to 2 inches NPT and from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches sweat. The unit’s maximum operating temperature is 250 degrees F, and maximum pressure is 145 psi. 401-942-8000;

UV Resources RLM Xtreme UV-C

The RLM Xtreme UV-C lamp system kit from UV Resources offers a high UV-C dosage and is available with four UV-C fixturing components, including an integrated plug-and-play remote ballast, a 12-volt access door safety controller, lamp supports for quick installs and electronic system monitoring. Designed for mid-to-large volume HVAC equipment in both new and retrofit applications, the design generates 360-degree UV-C irradiation in the plenum. 877-884-4822;

Pipe (PVC, Copper, Polyethylene, PEX)

GF Piping Systems COOL-FIT PE Plus

The COOL-FIT PE Plus preinsulated polyethylene piping system from GF Piping Systems provides high thermal efficiency, significantly reduced maintenance and operational costs, and fast installation time. The system includes a complete range of preinsulated pipe, fittings, valves and hoses that efficiently convey brine, glycol, ethanol and cooled water in temperatures from 58 to 140 degrees F. All surfaces are sealed, vapor tight and 100% UV-resistant. The system is maintenance-free and will not corrode over time. Energy efficiency is accomplished with low heat conductivity from its plastic construction and its robust foam insulation. The smooth interior surface of the medium pipe prevents deposit buildups to ensure reliability and eliminate pressure loss. Insulation on both fittings and pipe are bonded together, preventing condensation buildup between the two. 800-854-4090;



The Aqua-ON DEMAND AMH1K-RODRN recirculation kit from AquaMotion uses a high-flow thermostatic bypass valve kit to deliver sufficient hot water with a high-head pump to the point of use quickly. It satisfies the flow requirements of the tankless heater. Systems are activated by a user-controlled wireless button, motion sensor or Smart app. This kit works with tankless heaters without built-in pump. The undersink kit works with tankless units with a built-in pump. It meets California Title 24. 401-785-3000;

Armstrong Fluid Technology ECM Pump-Less-Volute

The ECM Pump-Less-Volute from Armstrong Fluid Technology is a variable-speed version of the company’s Gold Series Pump-Less-Volute that uses a permanent magnet motor that is up to 40% more efficient than a standard induction motor. It is a complete repair solution for Armstrong dry rotor S&H Circulators and the 1050 and 1060 Series. Armstrong standard and ECM Pump-Less-Volutes can also be used to rebuild or upgrade select B&G or Taco circulator models. The solution is an effective energy upgrade, and it is suitable for contractors who want to install a more energy-efficient pump without making changes to the pipe or casing. 800-356-9845;


The SANICONDENS Best condensate water pump from Saniflo incorporates a pH neutralizing granule tray that increases the pH of the acid water before discharging it to the drainline. With four inlets, the pump can accommodate multiple condensing mechanical systems, both residential and commercial, including boilers, water heaters, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, and other appliances. 800-571-8191;


Uponor Radiant Rollout Mat

A custom-designed, prefabricated, prepressurized network of cross-linked polyethylene tubing, the Uponor Radiant Rollout Mat is a suitable solution for fast, consistent installations for large commercial radiant heating and cooling applications — saving up to 85% in installation time. The mat consists of Wirsbo hePEX (oxygen barrier) or Uponor AquaPEX (nonbarrier) PEXa tubing connected with ProPEX engineered plastic fittings, which are safe for burial in the slab. The mat can install about eight times faster than conventional radiant tubing installation methods, potentially shaving weeks off an installation schedule. 800-321-4739;


Asahi/America Type-57AT butterfly valve

The Type-57AT butterfly valve from Asahi/America meets the pressure and temperature guidelines in ASTM F2389 for up to 12 inches and integrates seamlessly into Asahitec PP-RCT piping systems for plumbing and HVAC applications. The polypropylene body and disc are injection-molded for durability, and the 316 stainless steel stem is nonwetted. It is available in both wafer and lugged styles. It is available in 1.5- through 8-inch sizes with a green lever and in 1 1/2 through 14 inches with a Plasgear operator. The top flange has an ISO 5211 F07-F14 bolt circle; all sizes can be electrically or pneumatically actuated and are assembled to customer specification. 800-343-3618;


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