Plumber Product Spotlight: American Standard Long-Life Battery

PWRX extended-power system designed for hands-free flush valves and faucets
Plumber Product Spotlight: American Standard Long-Life Battery
American Standard PWRX (extended-power) battery system

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The PWRX (extended power) battery system from American Standard Brands is designed to last 10 years, assuming 4,000 flushes per month. Made for use with Selectronic hands-free flush valves and sensor faucets, the power pack combines lithium-battery chemistry with circuitry that includes supercapacitors and voltage regulation for maximum performance, extended life and reduced maintenance.

“We use the supercapacitors to run the entire system,” says Tony D'Amato, senior product manager, American Standard Brands. “This allows the battery to be isolated out of the system so its life isn’t shortened by the high current pulse the solenoid draws each time it’s turned on and off.”

For added protection, the battery pack includes safety circuitry to prevent overheating of the battery in case of a short circuit, protecting the electronics from damage.

“Instead of providing the industry normal three- or four-year battery life, this battery will give 10 years of life, assuming 130 flushes per day,” he says. “That leads to less maintenance and less maintenance cost, especially labor.”

The battery operates at about 6 volts. When the voltage drops below about 5.4 volts, a battery indicator flashes – two pulses and a pause. The battery is compatible with all American Standard Brands sensor-operated faucets and flush valves, including its 1.1 gpf toilets.

All Selectronic flush valves feature a self-cleaning piston with integral wiper spring that cleans the refill orifice with each flush to prevent valve run-on and reduce clogging and maintenance.

“The battery-powered systems are usually installed in public facilities – airports, hospitals, office buildings, schools, places like that,” D'Amato says. “It’s not something a consumer would need to deal with, but a plumber would easily be able to maintain.

“Another feature, as far as ease of maintenance, is what I call a plug-and-play electronic platform, which means every one of our Selectronic faucets and flush valves use the same sensor,” he says. “From a maintenance standpoint, it reduces inventory and simplifies understanding the system, especially when it comes to programming and repairs. Also, all of our batteries will work across the entire lines of products. It’s very easy to change power types.”

Power options for Selectronic flush valves include the PWRX, a standard CR-P2 lithium battery, as well as hard-wired 100- to 240-volt AC. A mechanical manual override enables the flush valve to operate without power.

“We have fail-safe technology built in to our electronics,” D'Amato says. “If the faucets or flush valves experience a loss of power or water pressure, they go to the closed position and stay there until power or water pressure is restored. There’s no need to reset the flush valve.” 800/442-1902;


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