Save Time And Money With the New Saniflo Neutralizer Condensate Pump

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Save Time And Money With the New Saniflo Neutralizer Condensate Pump

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Sanicondens Best Flat is a new condensate pump offering a more compact look, a larger volume, and the ability to handle multiple mechanical systems, while still protecting drainlines from corrosive condensate.

Saniflo is keeping up with the latest in consumer demands through continual improvements in its products. One of them being the Sanicondens Best Flat. This year Saniflo added a new condensate pump to the Sanicondens range.

The Sanicondens Best Flat is a low-profile neutralizing condensate pump, based on its predecessor, the Sanicondens Best condensate pump, with nearly double the tank volume with 0.9 gal compared to the Sanicondens Best with 0.55-gallon tank. This larger volume creates a longer contact between the condensate and the neutralizing pellets, allowing the unit to handle fixtures with higher BTU outputs.

How it works: Condensate entering the 12-pound pump made from durable polypropylene, automatically activates a float mechanism that, in turn, starts the motor whose spindle/shaft drives the impeller. The condensate is neutralized as it comes into contact with the neutralizer pellets in the tray before being pumped safely away through a 3/8-inch discharge line into the sanitary sewer or a septic tank. 

Saniflo has listened to the consumers — making the Sanicondens Best Flat compact, quiet and more efficient than its predecessors ever have been.

  • Accommodating multiple systems: Up to 500,000 Btu per hour through the pump’s three inlets for connections from both residential and commercial: boilers, water heaters, air-conditioning and refrigeration systemsand other appliances.
  • The neutralization process: The Sanicondens Best Flat has a pH-neutralizing pellet tray built into the condensate pump to boost the pH of the acidic condensate before it can be discharged into a drainline — thus preventing corrosion. This system conforms to many state and local codes on condensate treatment and incorporates two 1-inch inlets: on the side and the other on the top near the neutralizer tray.
  •  Not all condensate requires neutralization, and can be drained into a third inlet, located on the top of the Sanicondens Best Flat near the discharge line. This third inlet bypasses the neutralizer pellets and moves directly to the pump impeller, where it is immediately discharged.
  • Hardware provided for easy installation: This 3.5-quart capacity condensate pump comes equipped with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. It includes the needed hardware for wall mounting and the supplies needed to connect the pump to multiple applications.

 The following are also included with the Sanicondens Best Flat box:

  1. First bag of neutralizing pellets for your use
  2. Inlet adapter
  3. Discharge adapter
  • Easy to connect, with a built-in non-return check valve: The pump inside the Sanicondens Best Flat moves the condensate through a flexible 3/8-inch vinyl hose to a PVC discharge pipe. The product, includes 20 feet of vinyl hose that connects to the discharge line, using a 3/8-inch barbed x 3/4-inch male-end plastic reducer, also included with the system. 
  • Excess water alarm: The Sanicondens Best Flat includes a ready-to-wire connection to an external overflow switch that will shut down a mechanical system or alert the homeowner if the water level inside the unit rises too high
  • Certified for U.S. and Canada: The Sanicondens Best Flat is certified by CSA International for use in both the United States and Canada. Saniflo warranties the pump, including all electrical components, for three years.

Sanicondens Best Flat condensate pump

  • Dimensions (inches): H 6 3/4; W 15 7/8; D 5 7/16
  • Motor type: induction
  • Voltage: 115-120
  • Maximum flow rate: 86 gallons per hour
  • Horsepower: 1/30 hp
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 160°F
  • Automatic for maintenance-free operation
  • Includes a 61 1/2-inch power cord for easy installation

Learn more about the Sanicondens Best Flat

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call the Saniflo technical hotline at 800-571-8191 to find out which products would work best. Or you can send an email to with details on your installation.

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